May 15, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I arrived here via a link from Android Central to a guide for FolderOrganizer. I bought a Thunderbolt about a week ago and am still learning to use it. I have used Verizon's free phones for the past several years, so everything android is new to me.

I was unhappy with the phone because of battery and speaker problems, as well as dropped calls, so I was going to return it, but now I've learned a bit about conserving power from the forums, and downloaded nearly a hundred apps, so guess I will keep the phone.

I got FolderOrganizer about a week ago also, but am just starting to use it to get organized, since I wasn't sure about keeping the phone.

I really, really appreciate your making these forums available. I have learned so much in the past week, that I almost feel like a different person.

I am deeply grateful. Thank you!