Gretel GT6000 4G smartphone User review.


GRETEL GT6000 Review:
I am writing this review after using the Gretel GT6000 variant with 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage for three weeks. The phone was connected to the 4G network.

Gretel GT6000 is the Best all rounder at it’s Price range.

Calls : No lags and smooth voice.

Internet browsing : No lags and very fast internet site download (if you have 4G connection or 3G has good too).

Build quality : Very good quality frame, made from metal.

Camera: Fast shutter speed and very detailed.

UI: Very fast and responsible.

Display: perfect sized and good resolution.

Battery: big capacity with fast charger .


The Packaging comes with some accessories: Micro-USB Cable, Power Adaptor, User Guide, Silicone case, Screen Protector, SIM Card Eject Tool, and cell phone.

The Build Quality:

The 5.5 inches SHARP company HD IPS display with 720 x 1280 PX resolution is multitouch capability and the addition of 2.5D curved glass makes a substantial difference when using the screen. Front fingerprint sensor is located on the front, which act like home button and can store 5 fingerprints. While the accuracy of the fingerprint sensor is pretty good, it takes a while for the phone to wake up and unlock. The Gretel GT6000 featured plastic bands on the top and the Bottom, but the GT6000 is entirely made out of metal. Three color options to choose, from blue, black, and gold variants.The smartphone comes with slightly thicker body 10.6mm and higher weight with 233g. But we can forgive this, because the smartphone has the very big battery capacity 6000mAH. At least, Gretel GT6000 feels you are holding a solid phone and not a cheap toy.



Battery Life:

6000mAH non removable battery paired with 9v/2a quick charger for long usage. The charger goes up to 12v but only 9v is used, because of SOC limit. Due to the inclusion of a 6,000mAh battery. Which also has the ability to also act as a power bank, providing a charge to other devices that are connected to the GT6000. with 9V/2A quick charger, GT6000 fully charged with 2 hours and 40 minutes.
I was able to squeeze in Three days of battery life – one-and-a-half in case of heavy usage – and it lasted over 16 hours in my continuous video playback test. The battery life on the GT6000 is impressive, and quick charging ability makes it more important in smartphones with large battery capacity.


Camera Quality:
Gretel Added 13MP Panasonic MN34172 sensor with an F/2.2 aperture,dual LED flash, and 4X digital Zoom. The second 1.3MP camera is used to achieve the bokeh effect. The Main camera focuses quickly, which is also great for taking some fine shots of moving subjects. If you’re shooting in HDR, you’ll manage to squeeze in more details, although it takes slightly longer to shoot the photos. I am really impressed by the performance. Check below how well I captured in Normal Mode and Bokeh Mode?
In low-light, If you put in some effort, you would manage to get some decent shots.
As for the front camera, it is 5MP soft light and flash light to reach a high-quality video chat and term of video recording, the back camera can record video at 720p resolution and the quality is good enough.






Operating System: The Gretel GT6000 runs Android 7.0.Nougat . GRETEL doesn't include any Custom OS on the device. Based on its pre-installed Android Nougat operating system, Gretel GT6000 comes with some new features, such as a long list of supported languages (more than 190), one-hand mode, parallel space and cast.


Parallel space: allows you to login with a second account in chosen apps. Running a business Facebook account and a personal Facebook account on the GT6000 at the same time is no longer a big problem.


The Gretel GT6000 is definitely the new benchmark for other budget smartphones launching in 2017 to match up to. It’s not really an unknown territory for the Chinese company to find itself in.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend – especially if one needs a big screen and long battery life. Packed in a neat chassis, the smartphone performs great and is a compelling smartphone that gets a direct entry into any best-of lists.

No Notification LED
No Gyroscope & Magnetometer/Compass)
NO NFC support
Pretty Heavy

You can buy it at many online shops. Visit the official website to find an authorized online shop.

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When you say "Gretel GT6000 is the Best all rounder at it’s Price range" which market are you talking about?

As this may be different depending on which part of the world you're in....

(also support issues etc)


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I am talking about world market

you mean instead of Mars???????

seriously, which countries are you talking about, as compatibility with mobile networks, warranty/repair/support arrangements, competition from other devices and pricing will vary on based on what location you're in!


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Gesture Control:

Slide three fingers to get fast screenshot;

Long Press Return key to open the free mode screenshot;

Slide up three fingers to open the camera;

Slide up and down two fingers to adjust the volume;

Double click on the off-screen to unlock your phone;

Tap the power button twice to open camera without unlocking the screen.

Smart Wake Up:

Draw C to open Phone;

Draw E to open the Browser;

Draw V to open Music;

Draw M to control Music;

Move left to play Last Song;

Move right to play Next Song;

Draw O to call SOS or 911;

Draw W to open SMS;

Move up to unlock screen;

Move down to open Camera.


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Wireless Connectivity: 3G,4G,Bluetooth 4.0,GPS,GSM
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n wireless internet
Network type: FDD-LTE,GSM,WCDMA
2G: GSM 1800MHz,GSM 1900MHz,GSM 850MHz,GSM 900MHz
3G: WCDMA B1 2100MHz,WCDMA B8 900MHz
4G LTE: FDD B1 2100MHz,FDD B20 800MHz,FDD B3 1800MHz,FDD B7 2600MHz,FDD B8 900MHz


Wireless Connectivity: 3G,4G,Bluetooth 4.0,GPS,GSM
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n wireless internet
Network type: FDD-LTE,GSM,WCDMA
2G: GSM 1800MHz,GSM 1900MHz,GSM 850MHz,GSM 900MHz
3G: WCDMA B1 2100MHz,WCDMA B8 900MHz
4G LTE: FDD B1 2100MHz,FDD B20 800MHz,FDD B3 1800MHz,FDD B7 2600MHz,FDD B8 900MHz

So this phone ain't going to work in the Americas then, like the US and Canada, except maybe 2G only if you're lucky and your carrier still offers a 2G service.


Hey, I bought it and i need to activate this cellphone in my ccountry (Colombia) but i can't find the "FCC ID" anywhere, do u know where can I find it? It'd be really helpful.

As this phone was never intended to be sold and used in the US, it doesn't have an FCC ID. Also FCC approval(Federal Communications Commission, a United States quango), shouldn't be required in Colombia anyway.

Sure your carrier doesn't mean the IMEI, which might be required to register and activate the phone on their network. If you can't find the IMEI on the phone's exterior, key in *#06# from the dialler, that will show it. Also see posts #8 & #9, about compatibility(or incompatibility) of this Gretel phone in the Americas.
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