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Anyone have an idea why the Griffin Powerdock is out of stock and not on the Griffin website anymore? I ordered one on the Moto website during the 30% off special but my card was not charged and my order never shipped. The moto website lists it as out of stock. The vehicle dock is on the Griffin website but listed as coming soon.

Any insight would be appreciated.
You may want to contact Griffin directly and ask them. They'd have the best answer.

+1 (800) 208-5996
I'm having the feeling that things aren't warm and fuzzy between Motorola and Griffin right now. A lot of complaints about the navigation dock (car dock) resulted in Motorola cancelling all future orders... in turn resulting in Griffin cancelling the product altogether (no more are being made).

Sad part is neither is publicising this... so everyone is just waiting for "backorder" to end... which it never will.
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I wouldn't mind having the home dock, or them to open up the orders on the charging cables :/


I have the home/desk dock and am disappointing with it so far. It's more difficult to line up the micro usb port than it should be. I'm usually putting my phone in the dock right when I go to bed. The lights are normally out and the wife is asleep so turning on the lights to get the thing lined up is not an option.

Recently, when I do get the phone into the desk dock it does not actually charge. The screen dims showing the clock for night mode but the phone is not actually charging. Unfortunately I am unaware it is not charging. This either leads to not waking on time because the phone is dead (I use my phone as my alarm clock) or having very little batter to make it through the work day.

Additionally, you cannot fit the phone into the dock properly with a case on it. I have removed the bottom plastic piece of the cradle and gotten the phone into the dock with a case on it but the phone tends to lean to far forward at that point often preventing the phone from sensing it is in the dock and going into night mode. This even happens with thin minimalist cases.

I'm going to give the dock one or two more tries at successfully charging without having to fight with it before calling moto to get a replacement or a refund.

I tried the dock three times tonight and it did not charge the phone.

I then tried doing an online chat with moto customer service to either get a replacement or return the dock. three times I waited for an available representative. When I reached number 1 in line each time I was informed there were no available representatives. This also happened last night when I tried to contact them.

I decided to call motorola instead. After getting disconnected the 1st time I finally got a hold of someone whom then had to transfer me elsewhere (btw, their hold message/music seems to fail so I sat there for 10-15 minutes in silence trying to determine if I had been hung up on but someone finally picked up). Once finally speaking with someone they offered me a replacement, which I would have 14 days to return if it did not work properly. The problem becomes that the original dock worked for 2 weeks before crapping out on me. Why would I accept a 14 day return period on a replacement if the original lasted 14 days before failing? The rep put me on hold to see if he could do something about the 14 day window. I was then disconnected while on hold waiting for the rep to get back to me.

I called back and was disconnected yet again.

Determined to get this POS out of my house, as I was overly frustrated with Motorola and decided $40 for a dock that only works for 2 weeks was highly unacceptable, I called back a 4th time. I am now speaking with a representative explaining my situation. The rep puts me on hold for what they claimed would be a few minutes. 10 minutes later the rep gets back on the phone, states he cannot process the return as I ordered the dock when ordering my moto x, states the sales team has to be contacted to process the return, and offers me their phone number. I try to insist he process the return due to the many hoops I now jumped through to get to this point. He cannot process the return but will escalate my case so the sales team calls me back within 24 hours.

I am beyond frustrated and will NEVER buy another moto product if this is how they handle their business. Non-functioning online customer service chats! Non-functioning customer service call centers! Customer service reps not empowered to actually do anything to correct the situation! I thought, maybe just hoped, that the acquisition by google and the new direction illustrated in the Moto X, was a sign of turning over a new leaf for Motorola. In the end it's the same crappy customer service under a different corporate umbrella.

Can I afford to lose the $40? Yes. But I simply cannot let myself be taken advantage of so easily. If nothing else this experience has reaffirmed that I need to treat my customers' concerns with the care and attention they deserve or I will find myself with no customers to keep me in business. No wonder Motorola isn't doing well.
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I noticed a few times i misaligned the desk dock and it wouldnt charge.

However I found if you place it gently on the dock (at least on mine) it's really easy to line up. But each may be different.

Personally i was more disappointed with the car dock
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So my powerdock finally arrived last week. So far it it working with my Moto X with the Verizon holster case w/kickstand on it. As others have said without the plastic bumper piece the phone does wobble a bit but so far it has charged my phone every time I placed it in it. Today I'm gonna take my dremmel to it and see if I can mold it to fit with the case on.

Weird though it still is off the Griffin website.......