GrooveIP, difference between Lite and Paid version


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Hello folks,

For 2 months now, I have been using Google Voice as my home phone successfully. I would like to bring it to my mobile phone as well. I looked into it in the past but I was told that it uses your mobile minutes to place the call, which doesn't seem to hold up from their website.

They have 2 versions, Lite and Paid. I wonder what the difference is? The information only notes that the lite version uses 1.2mb/minute, so does that mean, its only the codec used in the app? What else?

Many thanks for comments.

Bonus question - Would you like to recommend any other app than GrooveIP to use Google Voice on my phone?


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i used the lite version while in europe and it did everything as advertised- loved it. didn't see a reason for me to get paid version.


I think the paid version is worth the extra money. I bought it when I went overseas and it was great to make phone calls at any time using my google voice number