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Group SMS sending failed in Samsung galaxy i5801

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sanlak23, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. sanlak23

    sanlak23 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Everyone

    I am Muthu from India. The first thing I wanted and tried on my newly bought Samsung galaxy GT i5801 is group messaging. I can't send group messages (SMS to many contacts) . Only message to first contact in the group list gets succeeded. For all remaining contacts, it is getting failed with "Message not sent!". It's annoying.

    *I checked with my service provider (AirTel Tamilnadu) and found no issues their side.
    *I tried other applications like handcent_sms, the same issue persists there also.

    Could anyone help me to get rid of this problem?

    Make & Model: Samsung galaxy GT i5801 aka Galaxy Apollo
    Android OS: 2.1 Eclair


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  2. buddy i too have the same problem.... brought a new samsung galaxy 5... when i tried to send group messages it gets delivered to the first person alone..... even i tried a android application for messaging but that too failed....... pls need a ans for it.........i am getting irritated by this messaging......
  3. lemon_yellow

    lemon_yellow Lurker

    hey..i'm having the same problem on galaxy 5. Did you guys resolve the problem. Pls do share...thanks
  4. sooraj

    sooraj Newbie

    i do have the same issue .....(network airtel)
    havent checked wid other networks....
    the message sending is a whole crap in this phone....
    u cant send group sms...u cant even send messages continuosly, u have to wait for a bit after the delivery of the first msg......
    in th phone info (*#*#4636#*#*) i found out dat the message waiting option is not activated..
    may be it has to do smnthng wid dis prob.....
    someone..pls solve this issue....thanks a lottt...
  5. Craig12

    Craig12 Member

    download chompsms from android market and use that :)
  6. sooraj

    sooraj Newbie

    :(tried all the sms softwares....still in group messages only the 1st message gets delivered...sending fails from 2nd message......
    plsss help!!!
  7. mastersquall

    mastersquall Newbie

    just now tested by sending SMS to 15 people its working ok for me
  8. sooraj

    sooraj Newbie

    which is ur network??
    did u use any softwares???
    will u please check in ur phone info(*#*#4636#*#*) whether message waiting option is activated or not?
  9. bjlabuk

    bjlabuk Well-Known Member

  10. akajain

    akajain Lurker

    Working perfectly for me. I have bought a new phone the day before yesterday.
  11. saileshgupta

    saileshgupta Lurker

    you can only send a maximum of 20 contacts at once in group sms.. but the group sms is working fine with me... best.. go to customer care... i am sure there is a problem with the phone.. do one thing.. change the sim and try sending... i use docomo (AP).. i have no problems with messaging in galaxy 3
  12. mastersquall

    mastersquall Newbie

    No i use default android sms
    message waiting is false

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