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Group texting freezes phone for long periods of time.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 12, 2014.

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    I have a Galaxy Note 2. I bought it when it first was released. I was very disappointed to learn that it did not have group messaging, since I use this very often with friends, and also, with work. I was forced to use the Handcent app, which is terrible. It's constantly freezing. It stops responding. If everyone in the text is talking at once, app will seriously freeze or stop responding for 20 minutes or so, until everyone stops talking and the app can catch up. It's incredibly annoying when the conversation going on is important and people are waiting for my input. So, for over a year, I was looking forward to getting the update so that I could finally delete the Handcent app and use the messaging app. I thought it would work fine, since my friends who have the S4 and Note 3 have absolutely no issues with group texting. HOWEVER, I was so wrong. The first thing I did after downloading the 4.3 update was delete Handcent. About 3 hours later, I was downloading it again, because as much as it sucks, at least I was getting my texts! The stock app was freezing so badly that I was getting texts 30 minutes late, or not getting some of them, at all. The stock app freezes just as badly and frequently as Handcent does. It constantly stops responding. It is basically pointless to even try to use it. Is this normal??? Why doesn't the messaging work like it does on the S4 and note 3, if it is the same operating system, now? Am I doing something wrong? HELP!


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