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Group Texting - Samsung Galaxy S3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BocaDroid, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. BocaDroid

    BocaDroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just purchased my Samsung Galaxy S3 a few days ago. I previously had iphones for the last 3 years. I LOVE my new phone except I can not get ANY of the third party group texting apps to work. I tried handcent and go sms pro. With both of these apps I was able to send group texts in one thread but I was not able to receive ANY of the responses. I want to be able to send and receive group texts in one thread. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!;)

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  2. redhook

    redhook Android Expert

  3. matttye

    matttye Android Expert

    The phone can't possibly know if a reply should go in a group thread or not. It would have to guess.
  4. gdot

    gdot Newbie

    There is a setting in GoSMS where you have to enable to do group MMS, not sure about Handcent.
  5. sudtle

    sudtle Lurker

    I have been using GroupMe with good results.
  6. roush611

    roush611 Member

    I don't mean to thread jack but I can't bring myself to start another threat about this same basic topic. When I send the same message/picture to several people it sends the message no prob, but when they reply I get nothing... why is this happening? Do I have to download a group messaging app? That sounds kind of silly
  7. powdbyrice

    powdbyrice Android Enthusiast

    sammy's response from twitter:

    @SamsungSupport on the GS3, is there a way to 'reply all' to a group text message without having to download an app?

    from Samsung Support ‏@SamsungSupport
    Sorry! There is no configurable option to do that on your device. You might be able to download a 3rd party app. Thanks!


    but its odd, there is a group conversation option in the txt message settings. i guess sammy's definition of a group conversation is different than ours. :(
  8. chawski

    chawski Android Enthusiast

    even using handcent or go, it doesnt really work that well. with stock messaging app notifications disabled, i still get an original text from the individual, and then the same text added to the group log. am i missing something here?
  9. gdot

    gdot Newbie

    I haven't tried handcent, but I had the same dual notification problem with GoSMS. I'm using verizon messaging app now and it works for me, but it's ugly.

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