group texting?


so majority of my friends have the iphone and they have set up a group text chat room amongst themselves so when ever they text in that group all members view the text in the same message board compared to getting texts sent individually from everyone. They just added me in the group as well but when i get texts from the chat room i dont receive the texts as a group and keep getting multiple texts from everyone individually and its annoying trying to see whos talking to who!

is there any way i can make a group chat with my friends where all group texts get sent straight to the group chat room via getting the texts from everyone individually?

i have an lg connect running gingerbread if that helps


Hey how ya doing nastynazz?
Yea I hear you, group texting isn't supported from what I know. I run ICS, and it's not available there, so I presume that's the case with Gingerbread as well. However, this is Android we are talking about, iOS doesn't beat it at anything*! The way around this is to buy/download a third party app like Go SMS Pro and use this to send those group messages.
My personal opinion on the app is not good, in fact I hate all the messenger apps I have tried; they all seem to bulky and not simplistic enough, however you may think differently.
Hope this helps, if you require any further assistance please PM me, I'd be more than happy to help to my fullest ability :)
*Iphones can't beat Android except maybe screen resolution :S.