Aug 7, 2016
Hey friends,

Just upgraded from the S9 to the S20+ and noticed two big changes in group text functionality.

First, on the S9, I used to be able to toggle between group or individual texts, when sending a message to multiple people, from within the message itself (see screenshot). That doesn't seem to exist on the S20+.

Additionally, when I go into the general messaging options, whether I have group texts turned on or off, my recipients are still able to see all the people on the text. It used to be, if group messaging was turned off, texts to multiple people were treated like a BCC. That is no longer the case.

And, if someone sends me a group text, I cannot see the other recipients...unless I go into "message details."

I called Tmobile and I called Samsung, neither were able to give me direction on this.

Is this a bug? Or is there something I'm missing? I love sending out funny memes to groups of friends, but NOT as a group text where people can reply to all...please help.


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Which Messaging app are you using? I use Handcent Next SMS and when I am having problems like this, it's usually a problem with the app