Help Group Texts with GalNex

So I just got my first smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus, this past Friday, and I love it. However, there is one thing that I was wondering about. My girlfriend had asked me how my phone handled group text messages. On her phone (an iphone 4), if someone sends out a group text, all responses to that text that are also sent to the group are merged into a conversation so that everyone in the group can see the responses. While you can see everyone's responses with the messaging service on the galnex, it doesn't merge it into a single thread. For example, my dad sent my sister, my girlfriend and me a group text, and each response to that text showed up in my inbox independently (i.e., not as part of the thread that was created for the texts I received from my dad). Is there a way that this can be changed, or do I need to get a different messaging app if I want group conversations to merge into a single thread?


Android Expert
I believe you get separate texts back with the stock messaging app. I however strongly recommend using either Handcent or GoSMS. Both let you dictate how the conversations are handled. You can choose to have them be "threaded" where all replies are within the one text or received separately.