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group texts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mennis445, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. mennis445

    mennis445 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys can any of you tell me how to receive the iphone4 group mms's?? they're sent to mulitple users and go into their contact name instead of a group one is there any way to keep to fix that??

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  2. Could you explain more? If its just a regular text being sent from an iphone, there should be no reason why you wouldnt be able to receive it.
  3. Mixelplux

    Mixelplux Newbie

    yeah - Its quite annoying. I did a light research awhile back and no it does not cross platform into us. Basically Iphone users can group text together and if someone just reply to the text everybody that was originally selected from the original texter will receive the responded text. It is definitely something Android is lacking and a way for Iphone users to annoy Android users. Android users will just receives all those text separately with MMS.
  4. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    Hahaha...so its like email and reply all?

    If that's the case have them send those to your@ sprint email addy and it might work.
    Or get an iphone :p
  5. Mixelplux

    Mixelplux Newbie

    Pretty much. We can do it with Handcent, but the problem is its not cross platform. I guess neither is the iphone stock one as well. I hope Android implement this feature in the near future tho.
  6. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    it is plausible they would to keep up with the hipster iphone styles...

    personally if I want that style of communicating...I use email lol
  7. vatoesse

    vatoesse Lurker

    i know exactly what you're saying and i have been unsuccessful so far as to find an app that lets me do this. most of my friends have iphones and when they group text each other their texts remain in a single thread, so if bob texts back saying "blah blah," everyone in the group text see's it in the original or grouped thread instead of individual thread. i downloaded handcent last night hoping it would be the solution and although it lets me send a group text to my friends with iphones, when they reply back it does not appear in the group text thread, instead it shows up as an individual text from each person. :(

    in case you don't know what we're talking about with the group texting/chatting, check out this video:
  8. Mixelplux

    Mixelplux Newbie

    Looks like Verizon users can now group text! Cross platform with iphone users too.
  9. Mixelplux

    Mixelplux Newbie

    anything for Sprint users? anyone know?
  10. gesanjose

    gesanjose Newbie

    Any update on this? Tired of my iPhone friends trying to get the last laugh. Heheh! SERIOUSLY! Handcent and Android need to work this out so that I can continue to tell my many iPhone friends... "MY PHONE CAN DO THAT, BUT BETTER!"
  11. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Android Expert

    Yeah, I'm a bit curious about this too. But android phones do a lot of things better than iphones, so you'll have a lot of comebacks ready for the iphone users.
  12. Mixelplux

    Mixelplux Newbie

    Vzwmessenger from Verizon enables android phones to group text along with iphone and such. I have not confirm if ATT or T-Mobile have group text.
  13. EVU

    EVU Well-Known Member

    Ok - this is the single most annoying thing about iPhonies: group texting coming over as separate MMS to EVO users (maybe other Android users too)

    Apparently, in their infinite wisdom, Apple & ATT decided to send group text as MMS's thus limiting the responses as 1 message vs. separate messages.
    So it could come over & look as threaded to an entire group of iPhone recipients.

    Unfortunately, they said EFF android & so we see it as a combination SMS/MMS message (annoying waste - conspiracy theory to cost android users $!).

    Anyhow, the iPhone group text comes over & the only way to know it as a group text is if your sender mentions it in writing or you get the non-picture MMS.

    I hope Google can solve this with their native SMS interface (I personally like it) but for now - I still hate Apple.
  14. EVU

    EVU Well-Known Member

    Oh - too stupid - now my so-called iPhony friends are complaining my response to them doesn't appear as part of a thread.

    Geebus, I hate Apple. Now they make it sound like it's our fault.
  15. Eschaton

    Eschaton Lurker

    Thank you for your research, so I don't waste anymore time trying to figure out how to activate this! I found this through a google search, and after all my efforts exhausted on how Android can do MMS group text. However, you are wrong on this part! You can tell because it comes in an MMS, and if you click on the message and go to "View message details" you are able to find out how many and who this message was also sent to.

    It's really unfortunate for us Android users with a lot of friends who has iPhones and carry on conversations and we really can't join in. Makes me regret getting an an Android.

    Can't believe I registered just to post this, lol.

    Please do post if you find a solution to this
  16. Dominion56

    Dominion56 Lurker

    ATT and Verizon iPhones are able to send and recieve group texts with each other, to its not a carrier specific problem.

    If I look at the details of a group MMS received on my Evo from an iPhone I can see all the recipients listed, yet there is no way to reply to all of them. It seems like such a simple software change considering all of the info is already there.
  17. trikotret

    trikotret Well-Known Member

    Hi All,
    I dont have a an EVO but I have a Thunderbolt. I am currently rooted and using a Bliss rom sense 3.5. I can see the recepients that come in the group message from iphone lovers. In addition, I can reply to them and stay in thread. The iphone messages are mms so you need to reply back in mms format. The way I convert my sms to mms reply is by putting a dot in the subject line and then type whatever i want in the body. I've been doing this over a month now. The iphone lovers are like "how are you able to stay in thread. You dont have an iphone" :D
  18. EVU

    EVU Well-Known Member

    you are partly correct - what you mention (holding the mssg to see the details) is another way to verify that it is a group text.
    But the sure fire giveway is that there is a slideshow attachment coming with the txt mssg. That indicates that Android interprets those Apple txt thread cartoon balloons as MM.
  19. EVU

    EVU Well-Known Member

    I tried this by going to the original message> selected menu> adding the subject box.
    Inputted a period in the subject box & sent it away.

    My counterparties still show me as an indivudual repsonse not as part of the original thread on their iphones.

    Can you shed more light? Are you using VZWMessenger with that Thunderbolt?
  20. trikotret

    trikotret Well-Known Member

    Well before I wasnt using VZWMessenger. The rom i was on allowed me to send group messages. But now I am using the VZW messenger and it works fine to group chat with iphones. I think we need some developer to duplicate that VZmessager to have it work with all androids not just Verizon devices
  21. redheadrob

    redheadrob Lurker

    I have posted an issue on Google's code website requesting a group messaging feature on Android. To sum it up, I am requesting that Google add a Group MMS and "Reply to All" feature in AOSP so that all group messages will stay in the same thread. Some Android phones do have this feature put in by their manufacturers (I believe the Droid Bionic has this feature) but it is not in the original AOSP code. In order for this feature to be added to Android, the issue needs to be "Star"ed until it gains enough attention from the official Android OS team.
    Step 1) Follow this link
    2) Sign in to your Google account (top right corner)
    3) Click on the small star next to Issue 24468, and it basically acts as an upvote.
    If you do not want to receive email updates when people comment on this issue, you can click on Profile (top right corner), click on the settings tab, scroll down to the section labeled "Issue Tracker", and deselect "If I starred the issue" and then scroll to the bottom and click Save Preferences button.
    With your help, this feature which is already native in iOS and BB, can finally make it to Android!
    Issue 24468 - android - Group MMS/Reply to All Feature - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting
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  22. dodindaga

    dodindaga Lurker

    my work around...

    i had been doing this for months maybe over a year, but still it's a hassle.

    you remain on the iphone group text
    it works with your default Messaging App (or atleast with an EVO 4g, cause that's what im using). as long as you can see the "Slideshow" MMS
    no Rooting required

    you still receive messages individually
    it's a hassle
    your reply will come up funky for iphone users...
    didn't work with handscent so no EMOJI :(

    take note of whom are on the group, and it has to be exact (including you and the sender as the recipient).
    changes in recipients (adding or lacking) will create a new group from iphone users
    open up a message with the group text MMS attachment to it

    trick is "FORWARD" that MMS
    that mms has the information that tells iphone users that the message is a group text. hence it will take all the reciepients and bunch it into a group.
    if the group already exists, then it will add your reply to the existent group.
    if the recipients are different, either lacking or having an extra recipient, it will create a new group.

    Forward that MMS attachment to all the recipients from the group, including to your self..
    and there you go..

    iphone users were surprised im added to their group.

    but like i said..
    you still receive the messages individually. but atleast you are part of their group and any reply to you will be forwarded to everyone else via iphone group.

    it's a hassle, so im still searching for an actual app to do what iphone does..
    this is just how i work around it

    *** forwarding the MMS may also forward the original message..
    but this can be edited by editing the "slideshow" and deleting the contents of the message and typing in the new message within.
    either that or use the subject line to get your message across

    what i had done also was for every group im in, i had created a group contact list.
    so i could just pick the group i want to forward the message to

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  23. trikotret

    trikotret Well-Known Member

    Just download the latest handcent app from market. They added the iphone group chat feature
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  24. Eschaton

    Eschaton Lurker

    Does it handle the chat like an iPhone would, to say that - what I mean is does it appear like a chat, in one window? Or do you still have to go through everyone's individual message box to read?
  25. jmartbirr

    jmartbirr Lurker

    I have an android HTC and I just do not receive group texts sent from iphones. Please help!!!:(:(

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