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GS3 Case discussion thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jackdubl, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender

    Picked up the OtterBox Defender the other day from walmart (couldn't find it online) for $39.99, $10 cheaper than the OtterBox Site.

    Only thing I don't like, it's pretty much impossible to get the screen protector clean, from the inside especially.

    Samsung Galaxy S3 OtterBox Defender


  2. dan44762000

    dan44762000 Well-Known Member

    that's what i bought , and although it is will protect the phone there's no doubt about that , it also seems to collect dust and dirt around the seem on the bit around the screen . i have to take it off and clean it about once a week . otherwise a excellent case

    EDIT - sorry i have the commuter version not the defender .
  3. iPredator

    iPredator Well-Known Member

  4. mak916

    mak916 Android Expert

  5. silvercats

    silvercats Well-Known Member

    Is a screen guard for an i9300 necessary? After all it is gorilla glass 2
  6. TadeoNYC

    TadeoNYC Well-Known Member

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  7. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Well-Known Member

    I just recently got a S3 and I must say the flip cover is probably what I'll be sticking with for as long as I have this device; it's just great! I might go for a flip cover with an external battery, though.
  8. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender

    I haven't experienced any dirt with mine, but if they had the commuter in black instead of white, I would have went with that.

    The built in screen protector is nice though. Haven't even used the holster, never really bothered using one.
  9. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender

  10. G8pcw

    G8pcw Newbie

    Hi. I have the Samsung extended battery (3000mAH) and wondered if anyone knows of a case that will fit it?

  11. illinifan2001

    illinifan2001 Newbie

    Hey everyone, so its been a while but I finally got my BAK case that i've been waiting for what seems like forever, but its finally here and I thought id share some pics for people to see!

    While it did take forever to finally get my case, I am glad that I stuck with this company! They are pretty new but have a great idea and the case looks great! A solid product in my opinion and is perfect for me since im a college kid and am somewhat forgetful (i admit it)...now I never forget my ids or credit cards!

    People should definitely check em out!! functionality and protection all in one!

    I love the simplicity!! Great job!!
    BAK Cases

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  12. funkpod

    funkpod Well-Known Member

    I really like my new Aero color Urban Armor Gear case. It's the slate blue. It is not silicone! But tpu, which I love, and is a hard shell but isn't shiny and prone to scratches. Good combo, and it was holding me away from the Incipio dual and Speck candy shell.
  13. joehesapha

    joehesapha Newbie

    I just got a BAK Case after reading about it here on the forums. Seems pretty cool. The front is raised a little which is fine for me (between that and the gorilla glass, I am not too concerned). It is cool because I have been using it as my main wallet (I keep an ID, Credit card, and a key in it). So far so good. I mentioned on a different thread that I got a coupon code with the case for friends or future purchases I suppose... i am not sure if anyone can use it, but it is "BAK2013" if anyone wants to possibly save $5.

    If anyone orders using the code, can you please verify the code working or not?
  14. joehesapha

    joehesapha Newbie

    Dude! I didnt know you got one! How do you like it? I havent seen anyone else with one.
  15. TadeoNYC

    TadeoNYC Well-Known Member

    The BAK just seems like a dangerous thing to do. You're taking all of your valuables and holding them in the air with one hand. I hope you guys can run fast ;-)
  16. joehesapha

    joehesapha Newbie

    HAHA. Yeah, however someone who is going to pickpocket will always go for jacket or back pockets... they will be confused when i smile and flip them the bird, all cards in hand.
  17. illinifan2001

    illinifan2001 Newbie

    Hey man small world..i absolutely love my case, by far the best case i've ever had! I used to always leave my wallet at home but always had my phone on me...needless to say now I have both! :D

    Hope you enjjoy urs!

    I see your point but you could make that generalization about anything and you could just as easily lose your wallet or get it stolen and look at ladies with purses (all valuables in one place)...but its a nice conveinant way to remember everything at once ecspecially when your going out to the campus bars ;)

    P.S. - I can run quite fast! :)
  18. red5ive

    red5ive Member

    I know this thread is dead now that the S4 has taken the S3's thunder, but I just wanted to share a story about my current case. I currently have UAG case on my S3, but having previously used an Otterbox Defender for nearly a year, I was really skeptical how much protection the UAG would offer vs. the tank that is the Defender. That question was answered today. I took the nastiest fall I've ever taken while on a ride today as the right crank on my ATB snapped mid-pedal. I was probably closing on 25 mph at that point and still building speed. While the S3 was the last thing on my mind, I happened to feel it smash against my hip as I went down right on top of it on the ground, then as I rolled it ejected from the universal holster that it was in, flipped, bounced, and crashed repeatedly a good 10 feet or so. Again the phone was the last thing on my mind, but it happened to be in my field of view almost the entire time I was eating the blacktop - well, at least that's how I remembered it as the entire thing was blur.

    Anyway, after I finally got myself all patched up (thankfully nothing was broken) I used my phone for a few minutes before realizing it was in perfect shape, and the case only suffered minor scratches. I had also brought a Ballistic SG Maxx with me that I normally would swap out for on a ride, and having forgotten to do so I was concerned about the UAG. Now I completely trust this case and have no need for anything else when I'm out playing. UAG ROCKS!
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  19. Badelhas

    Badelhas Newbie

    Thanks for that. For me, after trying several cases, the best compromise between looks and protection is the Samsung original protective cover plus. Even if I think the UAG looks good it kind of ruins the design of the S3.
  20. red5ive

    red5ive Member

    The UAG definitely took some getting used to as I wasn't crazy at first about the roundness of the corners when viewing the phone from the front and the flatness of the back. Definitely took away from the contour of the S3. I did try on the original cover case you mentioned, and as cool as it was I didn't grab one as I needed more protection. On that note, I'd have kept the Defender if it weren't for the outer silicon stretching out over time and eventually wouldn't stay on the inner shell. But I'm happy to be rid of the bulk, that's for sure.
  21. Screech

    Screech Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned in this tread, too many pages to read them all right now. But, I recently got the Otterbox Armor for my wife's S3. But there are a couple issues. During a call it trips up the proximity sensor so if you have the phone dim the screen while you have it to your head you can't access the screen to hang up even since the proximity sensor is always reporting it is to your head. For now I've disabled the feature to dim the screen during a call. She also complains about the sound or others have complained about how she sounds, so she normally removes the phone to use it. I keep telling her she should be using a BT device with this case any way, but... you know how "some people" listen. Its not like I've already given her 2 or 3 BT headsets or anything.

    Anyway, those are the issues we have seen with this case and some things that may help if you are having them too.

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