Help GS4 Alternate Digitizer Repair?

So I am pretty well versed with phone repair, though I had a thought today. For digitizer replacement, one has to purchase a new digitizer right? If you were to purchase another phone with a bad IMEI, and take out all the internals, then replace them with the internals of the original gs4 with a good IMEI, would that work?

So to lay it out better - 1st galaxy is on T-Mobile, has a broken digitizer/lcd assembly but a good IMEI.

2nd galaxy has a good quality screen, also on T-Mobile, but a bad IMEI.

You disassemble both galaxies, put the motherboard and other parts from the 1st galaxy into the second galaxy. Would this still cause an issue, or is it potentially a slightly cheaper fix? Thanks!


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Sounds like the only one that'll have a problem is the digitizer manufacturer - in their bank account. You're doing exactly the same thing as removing the digitizer from the bad phone and putting it on the good phone - but with less risk of causing damage.


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So in theory all should work perfectly? And would it have to be from the same carrier? I know I wouldn't cross CDMA with a GSM technology digitizer assembly, but AT&T digitizer on T-Mobile? Yes?