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Feb 21, 2012
Park Ave., HELL
Hello android users and people of the world. happy holidays to everyone hope Santa is good to everyone.

i have to say i didn't think this droid bionic was going to do this but hey i hear everyone asking about this Gsm radio unlocking so i tried it out i went from:mad:to:D and i say very happy . i couldn't get bootstrap to work so i tried the other 2 got luck from 3.11 and 3.50 . the 3.65 works but i don't know what happens to the backup that i made . but i am here today to say Metro pcs Gsm works with a few editing of build.prop and a beer some patients. but for some reason i flashed cm10.2 and the cm11 and got the big E of death. can someone tell me how to get this back to full as i had on stock...:rolleyes: