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Root [GSM] [how to] superCID

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scotty85, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. scotty85

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    Jul 25, 2010

    Jul 25, 2010
    *note that you must be s-off to superCID.

    with an s-on device,you are able to change some CIDs,but not to whatever you want. im not sure what restrictions there are,i did not explore it too much. i was able to change my stock cid of HTC__203 to HTC__001. superCID while s-on cannot be done without a certain htc-signed file present on the sd card.

    i do STRONGLY reccomend you superCID your GSM evo 3d. there are different carrier ruus you can run,and also it makes your life easier while flashing PG86IMG files in hboot. if you retain a certain CID,the android info text document in a PG86IMG must contain that CID,or the flash will fail. i always superCID an international device.

    set CID to 11111111(superCID):
    if you dont have adb set up,download this:
    it contains adb,fastboot and an md5sums utility

    -extract it,place the unzipped folder on the root of your C drive

    -open a cmd window(win 7,clock start button,type "command" or "cmd" in search box)

    -change to mini-adb directory by typing,or copy/paste in the cmd window:
    cd c:\mini-adb you should see your promt change to c:\mini-adb>

    -place phone in charge only mode,plug in(im assuming you have rooted via revolutinary and have drivers.if not use revolutioary drivers)

    -in cmd,type or copy/paste the bold faced code:
    adb devices

    -if you get your serial number back,boot to bootloader:
    adb reboot bootloader

    -check for connectivity
    fastboot devices

    -if you get a serial number back,check your cid first,in case you want to restore it later
    fastboot getvar cid
    fastboot getvar all (will return other variables as well :))

    -change CID
    fastboot oem writecid 11111111 (eight ones)

    -reboot bootloader
    fastboot reboot-bootloader

    -check CID again
    fastboot getvar cid
    fastboot getvar all

    -verify CID=11111111

    fastboot reboot

    heres what the above will look like in your cmd window(red are my inputs):
    Code (Text):
    1. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    2. Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    4. C:\Users\Scott>[COLOR="Red"]cd c:\mini-adb[/COLOR]
    6. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]adb devices[/COLOR]
    7. * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    8. * daemon started successfully *
    9. List of devices attached
    10. HTxxxxxxxxxx    device
    13. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]adb reboot bootloader[/COLOR]
    15. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot devices[/COLOR]
    16. HTxxxxxxxxxx    fastboot
    18. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot getvar all[/COLOR]
    19. INFOversion: 0.5
    20. INFOversion-bootloader: 1.27.1100
    21. INFOversion-baseband: N/A
    22. INFOversion-cpld: None
    23. INFOversion-microp: None
    24. INFOversion-main: 3.32.531.14
    25. INFOserialno: HTxxxxxxxxxx
    26. INFOimei: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    27. INFOproduct: vigor
    28. INFOplatform: HBOOT-8260
    29. INFOmodelid: PH9810000
    30. INFOcidnum: T-MOB010  [COLOR="Blue"]<-this is your stock cid. make note of it[/COLOR]
    31. INFObattery-status: good
    32. INFObattery-voltage: 3950mV
    33. INFOpartition-layout: Generic
    34. INFOsecurity: off
    35. INFObuild-mode: SHIP
    36. INFOboot-mode: FASTBOOT
    37. INFOcommitno-bootloader: ad3368f2
    38. INFOhbootpreupdate: 11
    39. INFOgencheckpt: 0
    40. all: Done!
    41. finished. total time: 0.529s
    43. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot oem writecid 11111111[/COLOR]
    44.                               ... INFOStart Verify: 0
    45. OKAY [  0.261s]
    46. finished. total time: 0.262s
    48. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot reboot-bootloader[/COLOR]
    49.      rebooting into bootloader... OKAY [  0.187s]
    50. finished. total time: 0.187s
    52. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot getvar cid[/COLOR]
    53. cid: 11111111
    54. finished. total time: 0.003s
    56. c:\mini-adb>[COLOR="red"]fastboot reboot[/COLOR]
    57.                      rebooting...
    58. finished. total time: 0.156s
    60. c:\mini-adb>

    *you can restore your original CID with the same process. do so prior to turning s-on



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