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GTA III Experiences

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MrBudha, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. MrBudha

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    So I've been playing Grand Theft Auto III on my Motorola Photon and it has been pretty awesome....so far. Sure aiming isn't great and you might die because you shoot at a civilian fifty yards away instead of the gang banger unloading lead a foot away from you. But still, even when you have to be creative to continue it is still pretty satisfying.

    I'm curious to hear about others experiences with the game, on any phone.

    For Photon owners, one bug that I got around that I just can't anymore is an unresponsive acceleration button when driving cars or boats. The button will literally "unclick" despite your finger not moving. If i lift my finger and put it back down the vehicle moves for about a second before the button becomes unresponsive again (this usually continues untill you reset the game or try and get in and out of the vehicle). I had gotten around this in most missions, but now I am on the "Paparazzi Purge" and it is impossible to keep up with the guy with this bug. So basically, I'm stuck. Very frustrating.

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