gTab vs Touchpad?

Thomas S

I'm looking to get a tablet and the gTab looks like a really good deal. But with HP doing their Touchpad fire sale, that's looking good too. I didn't get one for $99 but there are plenty on eBay for roughly $250. About the same price as the gTab. And you can apparently run Android on the Touchpad as well. Any thoughts?


Android Expert
My only gripe about the gtab is the viewing angles. If you can get past that, it is a great tablet for the money. Can't comment on the touchpad, as I haven't used one, but I will say that while it can currently boot android, it is still a long way from being able to fully run it. I think that it will be able to in the future, but I have learned the hard way to never buy a device for a feature/update you hope it gets later.


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It depends on what you want. The TOuchpad is basically discontinued but HP will update the software from time to time. not alot of apps you can use. The Gpad can run most Andorid apps. So if you need basic Web browsing and email and a few apps then at $99 the touchpad is the way to go but if you need more funtionality then the GTablet is the way to go. You can get a GTablet for about $200-$225 on Ebay . since there really are no more Touchpads around ( Sold out) they are $225-$275 on Ebay. HP will release another 100K of them in October but you needed to sign up ealry on there website to get one.