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GTalk disconnection problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by marknbrandon, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. marknbrandon

    marknbrandon Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi board :)

    I got my Milestone over the weekend and overall i think the phone is great, its still early days, but i have no real complaints so far.

    Bar 1....

    GTalk seems to constantly disconnect from the network, there are 2 problems i have noticed:-

    1.) If you close the app and leave it for a while, 9 out of 10 times when i return all my contacts are off-line as a result of me dropping off the network.

    2.) If you leave the app open running (and screen on) the app will randomly shut down.

    This happens both when i am on the standard data connection (with T-Mobile) and via WIFI.

    I have turned off the Auto-away setting in Gtalk and also the WIFI sleep setting under the connection settings, but still the same.

    Has anyone else had this problem with the milestone?

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this, or will it be addressed in 2.0.1 or 2.1 update?


  2. big_adventure

    big_adventure Newbie

    Even when GTalk is not specifically running, it seems to start and notify me if someone starts to chat with me, leading me to believe that push notification works with GTalk just like with GMail. My wife and I use GTalk all the time this way (she's on CrackBerry).

    I just tested and confirmed this. I verified that GTalk was not running (using Task Killer, it was not even there). I then called my wife and told her to use GTalk to start a conversation with me. She confirmed that I was listed as "Busy" and not as "Offline". The chat immediately notified me on the phone's notification bar. I then checked TaskKiller again, and GTalk was still not running! Opening the notification bar let me click directly into the chat, and GTalk officially started, and became visible in TaskKiller.

    One thing about Android app management: any application that is not used for a certain period of time automatically shuts down. This keeps the memory clean and theoretically stops unused app threads from eating resources.

    Apps with push notification, however, register on the network, and the push server can then always alert your phone that there is a message for you, causing the app to start up.

    Basically, the fact that you do not see GTalk in your running apps list does not mean that you cannot receive a chat message, nor that people cannot see you status as you have configured it. Push notification registration takes care of everything.
  3. big_adventure

    big_adventure Newbie

    To add a little more, the Gtalk application then closed itself in less than 5 minutes, so I tested again from another account, and again immediately received the notification (with the text of the message flashing by in the notification bar, even when GTalk is confirmed to be closed.)
  4. marknbrandon

    marknbrandon Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Thanks for the detailed response posted above.

    I have done a little more investigation of the issue and it appears the app is not "actually" signing out.

    When i look at GTalk on the Milestone, all my contacts are showing as "off-line" (including a test account i have just created).

    I have logged on to the Gmail account of this test account and added my primary gmail account as a contact.

    My primary account is showing as "away", but i am showing as Online.

    So, it appears that the app is not actually disconnecting with the server, but is not displaying status's correctly.

    The only way i can fix this is to sign out then sign back in again, but again, after a period of time, the my contacts show up as being offline.

    Very odd and not really too impressive.

    Hopefully other people are having this issue and there will be a fix available.
  5. big_adventure

    big_adventure Newbie

    That is not what I get - my status shows up as "Busy" to others, which it should, as I have it permanently set for "Busy". People who know my know that this is what passes for my invitation to chat. :) This is even after not using the app for several hours (since I tested the chat for you, earlier today, in fact. It has been resolutely closed and dead since then. If I open the app on the mobile, all of my friends who are online and available show up instantly as "green". Literally instantly.
  6. marknbrandon

    marknbrandon Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    I dont believe that i can be the one and only Milestone user who is having frequent google talk crashes and also contacts apparently being offline all the time, coupled with there apparently being no physical way for my status to EVER change from Away!

    To say that google are one one of the biggest internet presences around, it beggers belief that there is no support email address to contact them directly on!

    2 hard-resets have so far not done a single thing to repair this problem and there is no way to remove the app and re-install.
  7. big_adventure

    big_adventure Newbie

    I bet Google will be happy to refund your money for the Google Talk service. Oh, wait... ;)

    I just confirmed again - GTalk is dead, I start the GTalk application, and I instantly see my contact's status'. I compared it to their status in the Web interface, and it is identical. Right now, I have 1 green, 5 "busy" and a couple of hundred "away". This is precisely what I see online in the GMail sidebar at this moment.

  8. Jobot

    Jobot Lurker

    I have had this issue as well. Many of my contacts have complained about my constant logging out and in. I can see all of my messages, and can send them okay. But remaining connected to the gtalk constantly seems out of the question. I did a battery removal earlier and it seemed to do okay (why I'm not surem because I highly doubt the two are correlated at all.)

    Not sure what would be the issue. Maybe its in how the app communicates with gmails server?

    I love gtalk and would love to be able to use it, but this makes it a real pain.

    Any suggestions?
  9. ICU812

    ICU812 Newbie

    Ahh Bro! You are still having that problem with your new Droid?! So sorry to hear that. I tried to hit you up earlier on GTalk but it kept saying you were there, then you were not.

    I'm sure you'll get it figured out soon. I'd call the Verizon store tomorrow on your day off and talk to the rep to see what they can do. GTalk for me is one of the reasons I bought into Android..... along with all the other gazillion reasons! Ha!

    See ya bro!
  10. Jobot

    Jobot Lurker

    Yeah dude thanks. Doubt they will be able to do anything. Ill try that though.
  11. marknbrandon

    marknbrandon Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I am glad someone else is also having the same issues! I was starting to think it was just me.

    My issue is still happening constantly - and now its starting to affect Gmail as well.

    I have tried to compose a message 4 time today, i have gotten half way through and then the app has crashed and the email has been lost!

    Now, the original email i was replying too has also dissapeared.

    Not sure what the best option is now though, Motorola wont help and google seem to have no way of being contacted.
  12. Jobot

    Jobot Lurker

    Yeah, talk about faceless. Hehe. I'm gonna keep looking to see if I can find anything about it. I wish you Luck though! If I do learn anything ill be sure to come here first!
  13. big_adventure

    big_adventure Newbie


    Do you have some kind of task killing app running? That could cause your problems. Basically, some of the task killers do not put everything that they should into an "ignore" list automatically. Lots of people have had them kill "email" or "usb", for example (as a note - you can kill GMail and gmail will still notify you and everything else, but if you kill email, you get nothing until you start it again. "usb" is worse, because if it dies, you can't plug in the phone until you reboot, since you can't restart it manually).

    That is seriously the only thing I can think of that would cause what you see, other than a hardware / stock software problem. On my phone, I can start writing an email and use applications to kill the live GMail app in the middle. Gmail does the same auto-save on the phone that it does in the web browser, so I don't lose anything at all.

    It sounds like you should return yor phone and get a replacement.
  14. AnthroMatt

    AnthroMatt Well-Known Member

    I know this is an old thread, but any updates on this? I have the same problems with GTalk on my Samsung Moment.
  15. hef

    hef Member

    is it possible to just uninstall gtalk?
    i have no use for it, as well a lot of other crap included in android for that matter.
  16. anaccs

    anaccs Lurker


    I had the same problem.... I tried everything... So I entered to the running applications and I stoped every Google Services apps, generally there are like 2 or 3. Then I restarted my mobile and so far so good. Good Luck!!!!!

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