Root GTB Reboots to Recovery Mode Only


I installed Vegan Tab 7.0.0 on my Gtab and had a couple of problems (if you are curious you can see them here:

So, I did a factory reset, cleared the cache, cleared the dalvik cache, and repartitioned the SD card. Then, I reinstalled the Vegan Tab rom, but now my GTab keeps rebooting into recovery mode even though I am not holding down the volumn button. Anyone know what the issue is and how to resolve it?



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That's exactly what I did. What does that do? I thought that just meant to restart into recovery for that one reboot. Thanks for the tip!


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If you have adb working, you may be able to issue the adb reboot command, but I never got adb working, so I was stuck with NVFlash. As for that really stupid option, I think it is there for other devices and does not work with ours the same way :(

At least NVFlash is easy and if you use the one with CWM already in it, just NVFlash, then during the initial boot up, press and hold the power button to shut off, enter recovery, in CWM: flash, factory reset, clear cache and delvic, repartion the sdcard and fix premissions, reboot now (not recovery :D) and your rom should be up and running 20 minutes tops. And since CWM has a usb connection mode you can save your sdcard stuff if needed.