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[Guide] A little guide to Galaxy S to latop via DLNA

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by snapper.fishes, Aug 16, 2010.

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    [Guide] A little guide to Galaxy S to latop via DLNA

    Updated 08/17/2010

    A Little Guide to The Galaxy S DLNA

    Note: This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide, but rather a starter's guide to get you on your feet. If you want to add more contents to this thread, feel free to do so. If you want to post this guide somewhere else, also feel free to do so, but do give credit where it is due.

    Wikipedia's definition of DLNA: The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a non-profit collaborative trade organization comprised of more than 250 member companies[3] in the mobile, consumer electronics, PC, and service provider industries. Alliance members have stated the common goal of using standards-based technology to make it easier for consumers to use, share and enjoy their digital photos, music and videos.

    What this mean is that DLNA allows you to stream videos, pictures and music across multiple platforms without the need to actually transfer the file itself. Streaming between hardwares that comes with the DLNA label is easy. However, if you do not have a wifi capable TV, the next best option would be to stream to a computer screen instead. And here is what you need:

    A Galaxy S (or a Captivate for our dear U.S. buddies)
    A wifi capable computer - which can be a laptop or a computer connected to a wifi router.
    Windows Media player 12 (Windows 7 only) or XBMC.
    PC Share Manager is no longer necessary for streaming to Galaxy S. Hurray
    Samsung PC Share Manager. Download HERE. Click on Software.

    Streaming to computer

    Step 1 :

    Connect both computer and Galaxy S to the same wifi network router. If you are using a Desktop, plug it into a wireless router, and then connect the Galaxy S to the router. If you are using a laptop, either connect wirelessly to the router or plug it in, and do the same for the Galaxy S. (Windows 7 Only You can also connect the Galaxy S to your laptop directly using Connectify. In practice, this works the best for streaming large videoes. )

    Step 2 :

    Launch DLNA on your Galaxy S. Wait for it to finish loading. (when the spinning circles stop.)

    Step 3 :

    Launch Windows Media Player 12. Go to library. You should see Galaxy S under "Other Libraries". Choose whatever you want to stream from your phone, and it should work.

    Launch XBMC. Now this is a little more tricky. You will have to add the folders yourself. E.g. Go to video -> add source -> Browse -> UPnP Devices -> Galaxy S. Here you see 3 folders with messed up names. You will have to figure out which is which by trial and error. On my laptop, the first one is picture, the second is video and the 3rd is music. Yours might be different. Once you have added the folders in, you can play them normally.

    Streaming to Galaxy S

    Step 1:

    Unfortunately, neither WMP nor XBMC supports this. Instead, you will have to use Samsung PC Share Manager, which you can download above. Download and install it.

    c2k from AndroidForums and ssj4Gogeta1 from xdaDevelopers found a way to browse media files through WMP 12. Thank you guys.

    Step 2 :

    Launch Samsung PC Share Manager. Use the left panel to select the folders you want to share, then press the icon with a

  2. tempest7

    tempest7 Well-Known Member

    I have the HK version of Galaxy S. I don't seem to have any pre-installed DLNA programs? Is there something specific I need to load?
  3. vladyandrew

    vladyandrew Newbie

    I have installed on my galaxy s ICS from cyanogenmod . Now I don't have All Share . Do you have any idea how to install?
  4. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Android Enthusiast

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and am trying to set this up. have the Samsung PC Share manager installed on my PC but after it installs it does a self check and says the server is not started and to check to make sure my firewalls are not running. I have my firewall on Windows 7 off and disabled and my virus checkers as well. Still won't work.

    Any ideas?

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