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[Guide] Android on your HD2 from start to finish

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Talderon, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hope this all makes sense, please ask questions here, not via PM.

    Things you need to know about trying different OS's on your HD2.

    I am putting this comprehensive guilde to help those that want to try other OS's and know they can go back to any OS without issue.

    If there are any questions, please post them in this thread so others that might have a similar question/issue can benefit from the responses. :)

    Sources: Various people from XDA and my own personal experiances.


    First things first, what are the build types and what are the differences?

    SD Builds: These were the first types of Android ROM's where the operating system is booted and loaded from the SD Card in to the devices RAM and run from there. This requires you to dual boot. You boot into Windows Mobile and then launch the Android boot from there. The data.img file determines now much "internal" storage you have for applications. This is updated on a regular interval so when you reboot your device, it is current.

    NAND: The space where ROM's are flashed and loaded from is called the NAND space. Rather than having to boot into 2 operating systems as the SD version, you totally wipe Windows Mobile from your device and flash the ROM onto the device and boot straight into it. This makes your device more like a true Android device than other ways to boot.

    Things you need to know/do.

    1. Backup all your important data/settings
    2. Decide if you want to run SD or NAND
    -- Note: Many Dev's are not supporting SD anymore, but there are still some great Dev's working on SD builds for you to try
    4. If you are going to go NAND, decide if you want DAF or Clockwork.
    -- DAF: This flashes the ROM directly from MAGLDR to NAND. Limited functionality on backups, upgrades (without wipes) and installing .zip mods
    -- CWM (ClockworkMod): Becoming more of the standard as it gives you functionality from the Full Android Recoveries and other utilities.


    First things first, you have to flash HSPL onto your device to unlock the bootloader for custom flashing.


    1. YOU NEED A RADIO WHICH SUPPORTS 576 RAM (2.08.50 or later should be fine but the Radio NEEDS to be 2.**.50.**). I recommed the Radio: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! I have had no issues with ANY ROM with this radio
    3. Download MAGLDR 1.13 package and extract to an empty folder on your pc: xda-developers


    The Original HardSPL Thread: [HSPL/HSPL2] HowTo flash everything ;) - xda-developers

    NOTE: If you have Vista or Windows 7, update WMDC to v6.1 first: Download details: Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 for Windows Vista (32-bit)
    NOTE: Turn OFF any AntiVirus Program first as it WILL interefere with the flash (there is NO harmful code in the program)

    Note: HardSPL CANNOT be installed via microSD Card.

    IMPORTANT: To install/uninstall this HSPL3 there must be any SPL version from this list on your device:
    SPL 1.42.0000, SPL 1.62.0000, SPL 1.66.0000, SPL 2.07.0000, SPL 2.08.0000, SPL 2.10.000

    To Uninstall you can flash a Stock ROM via SD card or use HSPL3 application (You need select 2.08.0000 in the choose screen)

    1. Download HardSPL package and extract to an empty folder: xda-developers
    2. Synch Phone with PC in Windows Mobile!!! It has to be connected to activesync or WMDC via USB cable
    3. Run HSPL3_PKG.exe from your pc and read all the text carefully
    4. When finished reading click next in the HardSPL program
    5. The program will now check the usb connection and enter bootloader screen (tri colour)
    *You can select between SPL2.08.0000 or 2.08.HSPL. This is to avoid people with 1024LEO's installing an incompatable version and bricking their device*
    6. Select 2.08.HSPL for HardSPL and click NEXT.
    7. Your choice will be flashed to your phone.
    8. When its finished the HardSPL program will pop up a box saying "Successfully Done" and the phone will reboot.
    9. Click ok to terminate program.
    10. Congrats, you just flashed HardSPL.

    *Go into BootLoader Mode (turn off phone, then press and hold the VOLUME DOWN then Press and hold the POWER button. After about 3 seconds the tri-coloured screen should appear). Verify the screen shows the SPL or HardSPL you installed*


    To Remove HardSPL from your Device or Flash back a Stock Rom and Stock SPL for Warranty Purposes

    You can remove the HSPL by flashing an original SPL from microSD card OR by running the HSPL3 application (You need select 2.08.0000 in the choose screen).
    * You can also use the microSD Card method to flash back your Stock Rom and Stock SPL that you originally had on your phone*

    - Download a shipped Rom: 4shared - Shipped Leo ROMs - shared folder - free file sharing and storage
    - Rename the extension to .zip
    - open it with winzip and extract the RUU_signed.nbh file to a folder
    - Rename it to LEOIMG.nbh and copy it to the root of a microSD card thats been formatted to FAT32
    - Insert your storage card into your phone
    - Enter Bootloader and follow onscreen instructions to flash



    Flashing Via ActiveSync
    1. Download your required Radio and rename the extracted file to RUU_Signed.nbh
    2. Sync your phone with the PC
    3. Run CustomRUU.exe from the Radio's Folder and follow the instructions (if one isnt included then download it from here: xda-developers)

    Flashing via MicroSD Card
    Use same method as Flashing a Rom via MicroSD Card



    The Original MAGLDR Thread by Cotulla is here: [DFT]MAGLDR 1.13 released! [AD RECOV support added] - xda-developers

    NOTE1: LEO512 and LEO1024 are both supported
    NOTE2: MAGLDR doesn't replace OSPL/HSPL. It runs in the chain after. So it's safe to install and remove it
    NOTE3: You can flash between 1.11, 1.12 and 1.13 versions on Magldr without losing your NAND Rom

    1. Synch Phone with PC in Windows Mobile!!! It has to be connected to activesync or WMDC via USB cable
    NOTE: As an alternative method to activesync you can restart your phone in Bootloader Mode, then connect the usb cable and wait until 'usb' appears in the bottom half of your phones screen
    2. Browse to the folder you extracted your Magldr Package files to on your pc, right click on ROMUpdateUtility.exe and select Run as Administrator
    3. Tick the box to confirm you are aware of the risks and select 'Next'
    4. Tick the box to confirm you have followed the preperation steps and select 'Next'
    * The program will now check the usb connection *
    5. Select 'Update'
    6. Verify the image you will flash (it should say and Select 'Next'
    7. Read the process list and Select 'Next'
    8. Your phone will enter BootLoader Mode and the progress will goto 100%
    9. Your phone will now Reboot. Congrats, you just flashed MAGLDR.

    NOTE: To Enter MAGLDR Menu Screen after installation, Long Hold the Power Button when resetting the phone and the menu will appear



    NOTE1: This section is only applicable AFTER you have flashed MAGLDR to your Device
    NOTE2: Make sure your phone is still connected via usb cable before starting

    * When your phone Reboots it will Enter the MAGLDR Boot Menu Screen *
    1. Press the 'Volume Down' button to goto Option 5: USB Flasher and press the 'Call' button (far left of the 5 hardware buttons at the bottom)
    2. The menu will enter Android Flasher mode and install usb drivers if not present
    3. Browse to the folder you extracted your NAND Android Package files to on your pc, right click on Run DAF.exe (or Install.exe if DAF.exe isnt present) and select Run as Administrator
    4. Read ALL the text and then select 'Next'
    5. Read the information and select 'Next'
    6. The installer will now detect USB and then flash your Android Rom to NAND
    * You can follow this progress on your Phones Screen *
    7. When flashing is complete your phone will Reboot and proceed to boot Android from NAND



    Once you have flashed Magldr to your device you do not have to go through the whole process again if you want to flash a new NAND Android Rom:

    1. Turn your phone off
    2. Restart your phone by holding down the 'Power' button and keep holding it down until the Magldr Menu appears
    3. Press the 'Volume Down' button to goto Option 5: USB Flasher and press the 'Call' button (far left of the 5 hardware buttons at the bottom)
    4. Browse to the folder you extracted your NAND Android Rom files to on your pc, right click on Run DAF.exe (or install.exe if Daf.exe isnt listed) and select Run as Administrator (if using Windows Vista or Windows 7)
    5. Read ALL the text and then select 'Next'
    6. Read the information and select 'Next'
    7. The installer will now detect USB and then flash your Android Rom to NAND
    * You can follow this progress on your Phones Screen *
    8. When flashing is complete your phone will Reboot and proceed to boot Android from NAND



    To uninstall Magldr and any Android Rom that you installed to NAND, do the following:

    1. Download a Stock Rom from: [ROM][OFFICIAL] All new official Leo 3.14 roms - also old 1.66/1.72 roms! - xda-developers or a Custom Rom from the HD2 Rom Development Forum (for LEO512 ONLY, LEO1024 users will have to use a TMOUS compatable Stock or Custom Rom that is LEO1024 compatable): HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Development - xda-developers
    2. Enter Bootloader Mode by taking the battery out, then put it back in and hold down the 'Volume Down' button while briefly pressing the power button.
    3. After the phone enters the Bootloader Screen, plug in the usb cable so it says usb at the bottom of the screen
    4. Run the Stock Roms .exe file (or run the customruu.exe file of the Custom Rom you want to flash)
    * This will flash a Stock Rom and Radio while keeping your HardSPL untouched *


    Download and details here: xda-developers - View Single Post - [01 FEB][RECOVERY] ClockworkMod Recovery for HD2 - v1.3

    For MAGLDR NAND Boot;
    1. Download recovery with partition size for the type of rom you plan on using, see guide below if unsure.
    2. Extract downloaded file and load magldr into USB Flasher mode.
    3. Run DAF.exe and follow instructions
    4. After completed and phone reboots, hold power key and select AD Recovery from list
    5. Recovery will now load

    There is a 150MB, 250MB and 400MB versions available. The ROM you download will tell you what you need.


    (Installing Android)

    Radio Version > Radio needs to be 2.08.50.xx or more (x.xx.51.xx are not compatible)

    1) Micro SDHC card

    Should be atleast 4 Gb, Class 2/4/6/8/10
    Formatted clean with 32 or 64 Kb cluster size

    2) Install automatic boot loader on WinMo :

    This allows you to choose between booting into Windows or Android on start up. From 2nd Android bootup onwards these programs will make it easier to load Windows/Android at startup and you can even specify autoboot into Android if you wish.
    Download this as a cab file and install in the phone memory (not in SD card)
    Android Loader v6.0 Final for HD2: [APP] Android Loader v6.0 Final for HD2 - xda-developers
    Exceller bootloader: [APP] Exceller Multiple Build Loader for Android/Ubuntu **Updated August 18** - xda-developers

    You can of course manually always boot up Android anytime from Windows File Explorer by running CLRCAD and then HaRET files included in the Android build (see below).

    3) Android Build :

    Download your chosen Android build on your computer.
    Extract / Unzip the folder on the computer
    Now copy into the Root of your SD card.
    Folder should be labelled "Android"
    Once copied into SD card you will see 2 files: CLRCAD.exe and HaRET.exe which have to be run to boot into Android.
    There will also be other folders / files (Android Apps, initrd.gz, system.ext2, rootfs.img, zimage, startup.txt, ts-calibration) please leave them as they are.

    There are many choices in builds available, such as - MDJ, Darkstone, MIUI,. Please search the forum to look at the different features. I can't advise you on what clothes to buy. The same reasoning applies to advising on Android builds, you have to find out what is right for you...Try the build, if you dont like it, just go for another build..copy and paste your new android folder over the old one and its done.....

    4) Data.img :

    Your build may have a ready-made one included in the build folder or available to download separately. Size of data image is upto you, 256Mb/512Mb/1Gb (or more). This determines the Size of your Android operating system space for settings and downloaded apps etc. Bigger size allows you to keep more apps etc.

    NOTE: I have found that any data.img file that is larger than 1GB can give you issues with downloading and installing apps from the market. You will mostly get errors about "not enough space". The only way to fix this is to wipe and use a smaller data.img or manually install the APK (this does not always work though).

    >> At start up if you have a ready-made data.img file, booting up in Android is much faster (5-10 min). (You can choose the image size yourself with this option)
    >> If you boot up without a ready-made data.img (Clean Install), then this is created by Android system at first bootup which takes longer (up to 30 min) Here the system will choose its own set default image size depending on startup commands in the build. Its not easy to change this size once its created (although it is possible)

    5) First Android Boot

    Once you have reached this step you are all set. It really is that simple!

    These steps are performed with the phone booted in WinMo
    Charge your phone to 100%. This ensures proper battery calibration.

    In your File Explorer open the Android folder on the SD card
    Run CLRCAD - Nothing seems to happens - This is normal. !!!
    Run HARET - Small pop up window with grey progress bar appears with message HaRET LINUX BOOTING - You should then see some text lines in the top left corner of the screen and then a Splashscreen (blank screen with a HTC logo) Please be patient and allow time for the initial bootup.

    If Android loads successfully, then (depending on your build )another Splashscreen will appear and then the Lockscreen for Android is launched.

    Set up your phone for first use as per onscreen instructions and let all account finish syncing before doing anything else

    Once you are up and running here are some of my own tips to maintain your system.

    1) Always back up of your data.img file on to your pc/mac (weekly)

    This is better done in WinMo. This will mean that you can always have a failsafe arrangement for troubleshooting.

    2) Troubleshooting (If you start getting data corruption errors or force closes .

    > Make another Clean Install of the build -Boot into Android- Reboot in WinMo - Connect to Computer - Copy backedup data.img file into the New (compatible) Android folder.
    DONE! you are back where you started. All apps, settings, contacts,emails, messages are saved as they were at the time of backup.
    You can also use a backup programme like Titanium Pro. This is useful when going over to a completely different chef build as you cannot (usually) take your old data.img file across.

    3) Changing kernels

    Follow instructions on the relevant thread.
    For MDJ / Hastarin Kernels the following steps work
    Boot up in windows - copy 'zimage' and 'Root' folder (which has modules) from the new kernel and paste into your /Android folder on SD card (i.e replace zimage of old kernel).-
    Boot up android - check for successful upgrade under Settings>About phone>Software>Kernel ... the new kernel should be listed.
    On boot up android will copy the contents of the /Android/Root folder to the relevant place.
    If upgrade is successful then while in Android use a File explorer (with root permissions) to delete the 'Root' folder within Android folder, as this is no longer needed.
    Note: Some kernels require the Modules (wifi,bt,lights etc) to be copied manually using Root File explorer while booted in Android. Please check the relevant posts for correct steps.

    4) Upgrading Android Builds

    I always do a clean install i.e let the Android build its own data.img with a clean formatted SD card.
    Once this is done then copy your old backed up data.img and overwrite the newly created data.img to get all your info and settings as they were.
    Caution: data.img is usually not compatible across different chef builds and its best to start a clean install if you are going to use a completely different build altogether. You can get you settings back by using a backup programme such as Titanium. Google sync will get your Contacts and Calendar back anyway if you have synced it previously to Gmail account.

    5) Improving Battery Life

    Having read through a lot of forums and trying out various techniques here are tips that have worked for me.
    Charge your phone in WinMo to 100% (Green LED) While still connected to charger boot to Android and wait for the LED to go green. Then disconnect from charger.
    Autoboot before launching into windows/sense fully, I use Exceller autoboot in 3 sec.
    Rebooting Android 2-3 times after initial install and letting it 'settle' for a 1-2 days
    Turn off any functions not required e.g BT, WiFi, GPS, Autosync
    Turn down screen brightness to minimum
    Use a battery current widget to monitor drain
    Conditioning of battery: Boot into windows when battery is @ 5%, Discharge the battery fully and let the phone turn off> charge fully to green LED while phone off >> Boot up in Android and continue charging till LED green>> One cycle every 2 weeks
    Recalibration: In Android with File explorer (e.g ES Explorer), Choose settings, enable root access and then in Root delete ... /data/system/batterystats.bin . This should be done when 100% charged, Now disable root access in file explorer and close, Run the battery down fully and follow the step above...
    Fully conditioned battery should show about 4.2 - 4.3 V charge at 100% (Free app Battery Indicator)
    Dataswitch (free app) allows switching mobile data when phone is not in use such as during night time etc
    I keep Airplane mode in windows as default before first boot in Android (Not sure if this really helps)
    For me greatest battery drain seems to be when i am in area of poor phone signal> switching to 2G helps using Dataswitch app

    Things that don't work:
    Task killers are not really very useful according to Hastarin

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  2. San Antone RR

    San Antone RR Well-Known Member

    Talderon, you are a great help to all in the community. Thanks for all you do.
  3. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Welcome. I worked hard to get our own forum section here, now that they did it for us, I want to make sure it gets used and stays of value. :)
  4. thebobinok

    thebobinok Lurker

    Got a question. Everything works fine until I go to run the Magldr package. The phone syncs and is recognized by windows 7. But when I execute the ROMupdateUtility.exe file, the computer drops the connection and no longer recognizes the phone. The update then fails, obviously because no data can be transfered. Any ideas on what is going on?
  5. aca85

    aca85 Newbie

    Got a big question.

    If i put an Android Rom on the HD2 ,how will it perfrom? will it lag or what? id really like to hear from first hand experience :)
  6. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    In all honesty, depends on the ROM. Most ROM's out there are very good performers. I would beware of the Gingerbread ROM's, for now, because they have some pretty big issues. The Desire or Sense ROM's seem to do MUCH better. I am running a MyTouch 4G ROM and it's fantastic.

    [Feb 10][ZIP][Incremental updates][TMOUS] Moto-MyTouch4G V3.2 [Kernel tytung r2] - xda-developers

    I would HIGHLY suggest going through with the ClockworkMod Recovery method as it allows for incremental updates and no-wipe flashing of ROM updates (even if it is a whole ROM flash).
  7. peadubb09

    peadubb09 Lurker

    Is Android OS version 2.3 the version listed above for download?
  8. peadubb09

    peadubb09 Lurker

    I purchased a phone that someone already installed ClockworkMod (its actually showing Cynanogen 7 I think) to get Android on the phone (thankfully, I'd be too nervous to try myself!). But I was reading through here trying to understand how to know when there is an update and how I can do it. You said with CWM you can do updates without redoing everything. How does that work? Do you guys know when updates are available, since HD2's version is unofficial? Thanks!
  9. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Welcome to the forums.

    Ok, through Clockwork Mod, if you are running CyanogenMod 7, and there is an update released, you can download the update, Flash (WITHOUT WIPE) and reboot and have the updates.

    The main things that would require you to have to wipe is if you change to another ROM build (like going from CM7 to a Desidre ROM or even another CM7 Based ROM), or, when the ROM Dev tells you that you need to wipe for an update. These are not too common but they do happen.

    As for updates, you have to wait for a ROM Dev to incorporate the updates into their builds. They are usually pretty fast about it (like same day to a couple days out if your ROM has active support).

    Also, the above link (at the time the post was written) was not a 2.3 build.
    San Antone RR likes this.
  10. Jake Bullit

    Jake Bullit Lurker

    Thanks for the tutorial,am now db wm6 and americanandroid.
  11. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA)

  12. MarloweOS

    MarloweOS Lurker


    I have Cyanogenmod7 running from the SD card on my WinMo6.5 HTC HD2. I really want to leave WinMo there in the background so if I manage to break my Android version I can always fall back to WinMo to make emergency calls.

    My primary reason for using Android was because I really wanted a bluetooth mouse / keyboard on my phone (something BlueInput just can't get right reliably on either OS). However I heard CyanogenMod6 had this HID interface. So I installed a build of CM7 (that is really good) and assumed it would have this HID in it as well - however it doesn't.

    After googling around I found this [REQUEST] CM7 Mouse Pointer - CyanogenMod Forum - Page 5 which would appear to fix this. However since I am not using a flashed version of Android, I don't know how (or even if I can) apply this patch to my build.

    I would just find a CM6 good build, but most of those have limitations (usually around the battery usage area) but this CM7 build has worked fine for me for about a month now.

    So to summarise, is it possible to use something like CWM recovery to flash the ROM with an update - will it flash the ROM it is running from, or more likely the hardware ROM?

    Is there a way to flash an SD build?

    Are there CM7 ROMs with the bluetooth HID and visible pointer?

    Many thanks.

    Wonders if the definition of ROM has lost all meaning.
  13. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Link to me the version of the ROM you are running and I will see if I can merge these changes for you and get you a new ZIP that you can use with this support.

    The zip file update includes and updated Kernel and Module libraries so they will have to all be merged in correctly to work right.

  14. MarloweOS

    MarloweOS Lurker

    Thank you for the offer - someone else mailed me privately and did this for me - it still doesn't work on my HD2 even with the latest revisions.
    The cursor freezes after a a second or two and eventually disappears.
    I have looked at the latest revisions, and the cursor disappears after a a period of no mouse events. So I am thinking the bluetooth on my phone may be entering a low power mode and stopping the constant connection, or something like that.
    The bluetooth does work for long periods of time with my iGo keyboard however, so my theory could be wrong.

    When I get the time I'll go through the source code myself and see if I can track it - is their a debugger / emulator I could run this on?

    Many thanks for your offer.

    Andy :)
  15. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    No problem for the offer. :)

    As for the Emulator, never really used them much, but I am sure there are some guides out there on how to get one up and running with the SDK. Just never did it myself.

    I'll poke around though and see. :)
  16. jpopguy1

    jpopguy1 Lurker

    I'm new to android, I can't stand Windows 6.0 on the HD2! I really appreciate your instructions, but I was wondering if their is maybe a youtube vid you might recommend. I'm a little lost, and maybe a tad slow...
  17. stingdroid

    stingdroid Lurker

    Hey !!
    I was trying to update my friend HTC with wm to android- DAF on HD2 but when downloading android asked to use gmail account and I used mine !
    now I want to change that to my friend account and I've tried so many ways I didn't manage.
    on some posts,it says you have to clear cashe of google apps under applications management but there is nothing like that here. and I didn't even success to repeat the process with android so I can maybe get it back to point zero when it asks for email !
    Please Help me ! I've spent 3 days in front of my laptop with no progress !!
  18. Samtung

    Samtung Newbie

    when u open market pull the menu option (the buttn in the center) and go to accnts.
    hope it helps
  19. MUAalexj

    MUAalexj Lurker

    Hello, so i have tried repeatedly to flash my HTC HD2 to android and i can not do it to save my life. i'm not a software person so its very difficult for me to understand how to do this, is there anyone that could help me please? i really need the phone to work i rather do it myself than pay $70 for someone to do it..

    desperately needs help!!!
  20. russell+

    russell+ Lurker

    I'm not super tech savvy so I have spent many hours reading and figuring out how to get NAND android on my HD2. For the past year I've been running android where it boots from the SD card. The glitches are starting to really annoy me so I was looking for a new and improved build. I like that android will now boot from power on so I don't have to go through windows mobile!

    I've made it through all the steps except the final step of flashing the actual android software. As we speak my phone is sitting with the Magldr menu up. This step-by-step guide has been awesome so far, but I've got stuck right at the very end!

    The guide said to "Browse to the folder you extracted your NAND Android Package files to on your pc, right click on Run DAF.exe (or Install.exe if DAF.exe isnt present) and select Run as Administrator." The problem I'm having is that with every android build that I've downloaded I can't find anything in the files called DAF.exe or Install.exe. I can't figure out this final step!!! I'm so close...please help me!

    Now my phone is unusable because every time I turn it on it goes straight to magldr, so I would really like to get this figured out soon. Thanks!


    How do i install newest adroid on htc hd2 using mac


    Someone help me install android on htc hd2 using macbook pro
  23. kmi2

    kmi2 Lurker

    sir i have one htc hd2 now running os android2.2 on nand can i upgrade to gingerbred2.3 plz help how can i update?
  24. Cappii

    Cappii Lurker

    @Taledron, This, sir, is the definitive guide to flashing Android onto HTC HD2 phones. It is well written, concise, and explains everything in brilliant detail. My hat's off to you.

    When I flashed my HD2, I didn't know this guide existed. The guide that I used was similar, though. The only advice that I can give to ANYONE reading this guide with the intent of flashing their HD2 to Android is to read the ENTIRE guide BEFORE you start, and make sure that you have all files downloaded to a single folder on your desktop where you can find them easily. Be patient. When flashing the radio and HSPL, my phone moved quickly, then lagged for a bit at 96%. This should be considered normal. Take your time, and make sure you're not skipping anything. I am a repair tech, and I have on several occasions taken in HD2's that are bricked and not-repairable because of people trying to flash to Android, and using the wrong radio, etc. There's normally no returning from this.
    xara777 likes this.
  25. solematrix

    solematrix Lurker

    Hello Sorry to sound like a noob but i installed Android on my HD2 and everything went fine but when it came to the rom install it installs but when it loads up i am stuck at the HTC screen in a bootloop and this happens for every rom i put in So idk what i did wrong
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