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[GUIDE] Checking your drivers and adb connection

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by junkie2100, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    this is not how you install root or cwm, it is troubleshooting methods to see if you are connected to the phone properly

    check and make sure all of these things are done

    in the phones settings,
    under developer options, usb debuggin is checked
    under security, unknown sources is checked

    also try each of the different usb modes at least once, generally "charge only" mode is what is recommended but each person gets different resuslts
    in the computer,
    the official zte drivers are installed from the zteusa.com website
    they are active(if you arent using usb 2.0 or higher it WILL NOT automatically install any drivers for this phone, you have to do it manually)
    checking and manual installation of zte drivers
    go to "my computer", right click, "manage"
    click device manager on the left hand side
    if you see a device with a yellow triangle warning sign there is a problem with that driver, if the driver is named "android" or something along the lines of that or has the word ZTE in it then that is your phone and you need to manually force the right drivers
    to force the correct drivers, right click and hit "update driver software"
    then hit the "browse my computer for driver software" button
    then "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
    then it may ask you what type of device it is, if you see the words "have disk" on the bottom right hand of the screen click that, if not and the top of a big list says something about listing all devices just click next then the "have disk" button will be on the next page
    then click "browse..."
    then navigate to your C:\Program Files\ZTE 3GPhone USB Driver\Drivers directory, or F:\Program Files(x86)\ZTE 3GPhone USB Driver\Drivers or wherever you installed the drivers to
    inside there you will find 2 folders, 32bit, and 64bit. choose the one that matches your version of windows.
    inside that folder you will see 3 folders, vista, win7, and wnet. choose the folder that matches your verison of windows again
    select any of the files(doesnt make any difference which one) and double click it or hit open or whatever
    then you will see a list, on the left things like google, and zte, on the right a list of things talking about debugging and composite and all kinds of fancy confusing words
    the correct thing to select is going to be one of the composite ones for adb, and for fastboot its the kernel debugging one
    once that is selected, just hit next, it will install, and if it gives you an error code then you can try a different selection

    now that we have that out of the way, check to see if adb sees the device
    checking adb devices

    find out where adb.exe is

    you have two options, the simplest of the two is to copy adb and its two dll files to the windows directory so we will do that

    this package includes two files you will need to run, adbinstaller.bat and connectionchecker.bat, in that order
    may have to right click and run as administrator

    it will list everything it sees, if it doesnt give you some serial number and a device name there is something wrong, try swithing usb modes on the phone and if that doesnt work then you will have to go back through and try reinstalling the drivers

    if it does then adb is connected
    and also since we installed adb permanently you can now use the command prompt to do adb commands at any time from anywhere

    now we have checked to see that everything is connected properly, if it is, then the problem is most likely some sort of user error or the program you are trying to run(my cwm installer or doomlords root script for example, if they were flawed then that would be the issue, not drivers, not adb, not you)

  2. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  3. Hi Junkie2100, Thanks for the guide. I'm not sure if I've done it right, as my computer seems to have installed the correct drivers for each USB Mode the phone offers (there are no yellow warning signs). Drivers were installed for "Charging" and Media Transfer" modes.

    For Charging Mode it installed, Under ADB Interface, "ZTE Composite ADB Interface" and Under Disk Drives "Linux File-CD Gadget USB Device" and Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers it installed "USB Mass Storage Device" (No Yellow Warnings)

    For Media Transfer Mode it has installed, Under Android Phone "ZTE Handset ADB Interface" and Under Portable Devices "N861" (No Yellow Warnings)

    And For PC Software Mode, it opened up a drive called "CD Drive (G: ) USB_Driver" in which was a program to install additional drivers. (After program finished, No Yellow Warnings)

    I followed your instructions perfectly up until the "C:\Program Files\ZTE 3GPhone USB Driver\Drivers" directory you mentioned. When I check, all I see is a "C:\Program Files\ZTE_Handset_USB_Driver\Drivers" and when I open this folder, it doesnt contain a "32bit" or "64bit" folder, but instead an "amd64" and "i386" along with many setup information and security catalog files. Inside the "amd64" and "i386" there are many System Files and Application Extension Files. Since it doesn't have the "32bit" folder you mentioned, unfortunately I can't go any further with those instructions.

    Moving onto your "Checking ADB Devices" section, I have put the ADB.exe, ADB Installer.bat and connectionchecker.bat into the C:\windows directory. When I click ADB.exe and ADB Installer.bat, they each flash up a command prompt, but it instantly disappears. When I open connectionchecker.bat, it DOES list a serial number device though. These results happen in both Charging and Media Mode.

    Basically I think everything worked out well except I'm worried about that missing "C:\Program Files\ZTE 3GPhone USB Driver\Drivers" folder and its contents. Judging by the things I've said successfully installed, do you think all of the correct drivers have installed? Sorry for the length of this post, but I know when asking for help it's good to be as detailed as possible! Again, thanks a lot for your guide, I (and I'm sure tons more people) appreciate all your hard work!
  4. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    that stuff about manually installing the drivers only applies if you see the little yellow warning sign, your drivers are properly installed if the serial number shows. your drivers are properly installed and you should be able to root and install cwm now
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  5. awesome man, I appreciate the reply. Just wanted to make sure I did everything ok! Thank you very much
  6. SuperR

    SuperR Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    just bumping this thread so people know it's there
    Thanks junkie2100 :)
  7. boricuakiller

    boricuakiller Android Expert

    thanks junkie
  8. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    yea this applies directly to fastboot as well, only difference is that you will need to be in fastboot mode when you start trying to install the drivers, just run the tool and let it fail then leave the screen with the android guy on a black background, then follow the directions and select the kernel debug driver instead of adb
  9. teKnoh

    teKnoh Newbie

    So I dont have the little yellow triangle, but the connection checker does not show my serial number, and everytime I try to fastboot the CWM recovery it says process was taking to long please check drivers.

    Edit: but also in my device manager it no longer shows up as Android, but now it shows up as ZTE composite ADB interface
  10. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    right, it shows up as adb interface when you are in adb mode, it shows up as something else when you run the tool and get stuck in fastboot mode aka bootloader mode which is the black screen with the green android. run the tool, let the phone get stuck at that screen THEN do the steps above while its on the black screen
  11. teKnoh

    teKnoh Newbie

    May be a dumb question here but steps above as in steps in this thread? Kinda new to this stuff I apologize
  12. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    yes the steps in this thread, you cant fix the fastboot driver unless it is plugged in in fastboot mode. once its in fastboot mode you should be able to get it
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  13. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    and since im here im gonna do a quick signature check... disregard this message
  14. teKnoh

    teKnoh Newbie

    Still nothing in my connections checker is this normal?
  15. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    yes this is normal, connection checker doesnt apply to fastboot only adb
    also, on a side note, you cant see something on the connection checker that doesnt have the proper drivers installed anyway
  16. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    stupid signature...
  17. DimBulb

    DimBulb Android Enthusiast

    Hey Junkie, great instruction thread you made here.

    I've got a problem that's sort of backwards, maybe you can help.

    The phone and tablet are fine, rooted etc. My desktop "C" hard drive died. Most stuff got saved, as I keep separate partitions on separate hard drives.

    So now, I'm up and running with a new hard drive, fresh OS, Windows, install and all that. Unfortunately the Android phone drivers I need weren't saved off to another drive, so I need the Warp Sequent drivers you talk about (ZTE 3GPhone USB Driver).

    I just found the ZTE 3GPhone USB Driver, and downloaded it. and the thing is password protected, so ... I can't use it. ZTE USA hasn't got any driver download All the sights to google that phraze "ZTE 3GPhone USB Driver" are misdirecting to useless software downloads, EXCEPT that one I grabbed.

    Up to the hard drive failure I had the correct drivers installed, so I got them somewhere, just can't remember where.

    Any idea's, any help? Thanks.
  18. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    C++ version of my aio tool has a direct link to the download from zte. cant promise the link still works kuz their entire kernel source site seems to have been down for some time now but the link is there. if not ill try to find my copy and get it up for you later
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  19. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    Plug ur phone in. It's on the phone too if you set the connect PC to "driver install"
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  20. DimBulb

    DimBulb Android Enthusiast

    Thanks Junkie, brichster, I got the driver off the phone.

    I held Windows hand, walked through finding and loading the driver, but maybe the wrong choice?

    Not the right driver? Not working anyway.
    What am I missing here?

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  21. DimBulb

    DimBulb Android Enthusiast

    OK, got it to work.

    Had to connect as media device.

    Thanks for the help guy's.

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