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Tips [GUIDE] CM9 for your Touchpad

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by colchiro, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Jun 4, 2010

    Jun 4, 2010
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    Beginners guide to getting CM9 (Ice Cream Sandwich) love on your TouchPad. :D

    What you'll need:

    System Requirements

    • The USB cable that came with your HP Touchpad
    • A computer with the following:
    • Fully charged Touchpad. If it isn't charged, you may have to wait for it to charge (which takes a long time via USB)
    • An Internet connection capable of downloading large (up to 200MB) files

    Download webOS Doctor:

    You'll need the latest webOS Doctor file for the Touchpad, which is 3.0.5 and you can get it from here: WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

    To install CyanogenMod (CM9) You'll also need to download the latest files from: CyanogenMod - RootzWiki. The installer and other files are updated periodically so it's best to redownload them each time you install. For that reason we don't link directly to them here.

    • Acme Installer (script file for Novacom, don't rename)
    • Latest version of CM9
    • Clockwork Recovery
    • MoBoot

    You'll also need the latest Google Apps (gApps): Google Apps - RootzWiki

    Putting it all together:

    Copy the files to your Touchpad:

    • Boot into webOS
    • Plug your Touchpad into your computer via the stock USB cable. A USB icon should appear on your Touchpad in your notifications area, with an option to start "USB Drive". Tap "USB Drive".
    • Find the new Touchpad drive letter on your computer. Depending on your operating system, a shortcut may appear on your desktop. Navigate to the Touchpad drive, and make a new folder titled "cminstall" (exactly like this).
    • Copy the 4 .zip files for CM9, Clockwork Recovery, Moboot, and Google Apps directly into this folder. Do not extract the contents of these .zip files, leave them zipped.
    • When the files are done copying, close the Touchpad window you opened to copy files, then "safely unmount" your Touchpad. On a Windows computer, there will be an icon by the clock to do this OR right-click on the Touchpad drive on your computer an choose "eject". Then unplug your usb cable to disconnect it. You may get an error when doing this. When the desktop returns (about 20 seconds, hold down the power and choose shut down.
    • Reboot your Touchpad and start webOS recovery mode: Holding down the "volume up" button, press the power button until your Touchpad starts. A big usb symbol will be on the screen, meaning your TP is ready to install CM9.
    • Again, connect your Touchpad to your computer via the usb cable.

    Running ACMEInstaller2:

    • You'll first need to make sure you have "novacom.exe" on your computer. This should come with the webOS Doctor package. For Windows computers, navigate to "C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc". You should see "novacom.exe" within this directory.
    • Unzip the ACMEInstaller/instructions .zip file into this directory (it's much easier later on if the ACMEInstaller script is in the same directory as novacom.exe)
    • Open a command window on your computer. For Windows computers, press start then type "cmd" into the search bar and hit enter.
      • Type "cd C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc" (without the quotes). This will navigate you to the directory containing novacom.exe and the ACMEInstaller. (It should indicate your location to the left of your active cursor)
      • Type (EXACTLY!): "novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" (without the quotes)
    • Cross your fingers.
    • You should see 2 penguins and lots of lines of texts. It will spend some time installing the .zips in the "cminstall" folder. After this you will see the Moboot screen with options to boot into CM9, boot into recovery, boot into webOS, or boot into webOS Doctor. It will boot into CM9 by default after 7 seconds.
    • To navigate the boot menu screen (Moboot), use the volume up and down keys, and press the physical menu button below the touchscreen to select an option. It will default to CM9 after 5 seconds.
    • If novacom refuses to run, try the Universal Novacom Installer

    After booting Android: (different from CM7):

    • Connect to your router. Swipe up in the lower right-corner (by the time) to display the status bar. Tap the settings icon (3 horizontal lines - sliders). Tap the wifi icon to open the wifi settings. Turn on wifi, then find your router, tap it and enter your password.
    • Scroll up on the left side until "Security" is visible and tap it. Scroll the right side until "Unknown sources" is visible and tap to check it. This is required to install apps from apps stores like Amazon or from a web page.
    • Find "Date & Time" on the left. Set your time zone. If the time isn't correct, uncheck "Automatic date & time", set the date and time, then check "automatic" again.
    • Google apps probably aren't installed yet so you'll need to boot into recovery to install them from the cminstall folder. Hold down the power button and choose "reboot", then choose recovery and tap "OK".
    • From recovery:
      • using the volume up/down buttons to select, the power button for "back" and the "home" button to do the highlighted task...
      • select choose "install zip from sdcard", press "home"
      • "choose zip from sdcard" should be highlighted, press "home"
      • select the cminstall folder, press "home"
      • select your gApps file, press "home"
      • highlight "Yes - install... (gapps file name), press "home"
      • Make sure your gApps completed successfully.
      • Then press the power button until "reboot system now" option is highlighted, press "home".
    • Open Market, (should be an icon on your screen), add your existing (or new if you don't have one) Google account. Tap the If you had apps installed on an Android device, the apps you installed previously should come rolling in.
    • Launchers: You might want to use one of these ICS-styled launchers: Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher. You'll see a screen asking which launcher you want to use. Check the checkbox and tap "Nova Launcher" or "Apex Launcher".

    You're now using Android on your Touchpad. If you have any issues, refer to the instructions where you downloaded CM9.

    To update or repair CM9:

    Copy the CM9 file(s) to your Touchpad and run Acme installer again. You may need to re-install Google apps if Market no longer works.

    Thanks to Strat1227 for help with this guide!

    (He did most of the work.) :D

    WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
    How To Recover - WebOS Internals



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