Root Guide: Creating Splash Screens for the Hero


Guide on how to create and upload your own splash screen for the HTC Hero

1. Ensure that you have a suitable SPL installed on your phone which allows fastboot.

2. Download (and unzip) the latest SDK from Google, this will give you fastboot.exe (located in tools)

3. Create an image with the following properties using a suitable graphics package.

- 320 x480 Pixels

- 256Colour

- 8-bit

- Saveas BMP, JPEG, GIF or PNG

4. Download RGB565Convertor from here:

5. Run the RGB565 program:

i.Select 'To RGB565 (binary) tab and select 'Open Image'

ii.Select the image you wish to convert

iii.Press 'Convert to RGB565'

iv.Save the file as herosplash.rgb565

-Note, file name can be anything you like.

6. Run a command prompt (Start -> Run -> CMD)

7. Go to the folder you unzipped in Step 2 and navigate to the 'tools' folder.

8. Run a directory listing and confirm that you have a program called FASTBOOT.EXE.

- If so, continue otherwise re-download and try again.

9. Copy the RGB565 file created in step 5.4 to the tools directory

10. Plug-in your Hero via USB and power it on using POWER+BACK

11. Run the following commands:

fastboot flash splash1 herosplash.rgb565


fastboot reboot


12. Enjoy your new splash screen!


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Nice..... many thanks! I take it from this that Paul's unlocked SPL was a success then? :D

Yes. It's an Engineering SPL and it also allows you to run the CID-Unlock process and associated commands if you want. AFAIK, any ENG SPL will allow fastboot. Paul's is version 007 so use that as its the latest.
The link doesnt seem to be working for the RGB565 Converter. Is there any alternate link anyone?
I just figured how to put up custom splash screens and i'm super excited and wanna make one :p

EDIT: I just found the converter, flashed around 10 images already and got sick of it. Is there any way I can remove the splash screens so that I can save up on the boot time?

I tried the below commands and these were the messages I got. Any suggestions?

C:\tools>fastboot erase splash2
erasing 'splash2'... FAILED (remote: partition is not existed!)

C:\tools>fastboot erase splash1
erasing 'splash1'... FAILED (remote: erasing error)