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[Guide]Fixing TWRP Minmal TWRP bugs after PORTING MTK65XX-67xx

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by aio developers, Mar 18, 2019.

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    This is the minimal way of fixing TWRP Common issues in mtk65xx to Mtk 67xx
    Fixing Common issues in porting twrp

    1.dont port TWRP from a phone with android higher version

    2. Check default.prop But IF CWM created with Mtk droid tools you can use TWRP porter to replace it and it fix

    3.dont port with device with diffrent GPu POWER vr to power vr ,mali to mali And MAKESURE THE GPu matches properly e.g PowerVR SGX 544 to PowerVR SGX 544

    4.when porting twrp replace recovery.fstab and twrp.fsatb to mount properly but if using the TWRP porter i give It replaces it for You :)

    5.if you have cwm recovery you can port to twrp

    6.for mtk67xx dont use autoporter just download recovery with the sane or lower android version to work well

    7.use phliz or CWM if it doesnt work thank me later

    8.Make sure The kernel Matches PROPERLy dont Port 3.4.5 kernel TWRP to kernel 3.18 . LET ME explain
    ALL phones have diffrent stock kernel e.g Mine in the Picture is 3.4.5 if you try Porting to 3.18 you can get issues Because The TWRP can get kernel Problems

    9.Make sure the scren size matches e.g 540x960 to 540x960 1280x720 to 1280x720

    10.For USB issues
    init.mt65xx.usb.rc e.g init.mt6582.usb.rc init.mt6582.usb.rc

    for mtk67xx

    CTR(Carliv touch recovery ) Touch is working well But not TWRP
    Means Your default.prop have errors in TWRP
    Check all your init.rc files because most times it Can be configured Wrongly also Check The .so LiBS in twrp and try Porting from the CTR(carliv touvh recovery) to TWRP

    2.Sepolicy error after Porting TWRP
    Replace the sepolicy file from stock Recovery to custom

    3.Cant charge for my mtk67xx after replacing init.charging files

    Replace the Charger file

    4.Jpeg not working well in NEW TWRP BUt old

    5.Not seeing My phone storage In recovery when plugged to my PC:saddroid:
    Check Your MTK wether IS enabled and if it is try disabling and enabling it BACK

    6.Rom Working IN cwm But not TWRP
    Expirenced that issue with coolpad 7295 TWRP ,NOT all roms will install In twrp e.g The rom is deoxed and all those stuff Another Rom worked But not the 4.4.2 i saw on pan.biadu but ,What i did JUst use the CWM to Install then BACK the Rom Up with TWRP then to flash twrp Back you CAN use flashify
    flashify.org to download
    [It need root acess]
    To flash root

    6.Not Mounting Roms
    Try Formating /system PARtiton as EXt4 or check the Rom Mounting

    7.Cant understand Languange?:thinking: but everything is working
    You can edit IN UI.xml

    8.NEED to Customize picture
    Check Res folder in TWRP

    9.GETTING ERROR 7...In TWRP in my mtk65xx-mtk67xx

    1.Your system PARtiton is way too small of space to install the rom
    if Ported Rom try Debloating the Rom and deodexing IT

    2. Try Formating your system Partiton with EXT4 BUT NOTE make sure you Know the roM mounting Points either EXt4 or ext3 via updater scripts
    And ALSO backup Properly with both TWRP and PC

    MTK 65xx

    mtk droid TOOLS


    10.Read and write permission fix
    chmod 775

    e.g You want An app to give a specific previlledge to a folder in /system/ partiton You can give it chmod 775 to acess it easier
    OR use root explorer apk

    And grant it your desired permission
    Phone Tested
    1.Coolpad 7295
    2.LEnovo s850
    3.Spice mi 515

    Paypal: Paypal.me/speedevs

    Signature:always on amphetamines turbo power

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    Would be a superb idea to link this thread in your other twrp porting thread's OP
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