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[GUIDE]Flash your phone back to stock[KDZ/Cab]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lMonsterl, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    All tools located at bottom of post. I am in no way responsible for what you do to your own phone.

    Anyway, For those who know what ODIN is, think of this as odin for lg phones. You can use these tools to fix your phone if it is soft-bricked, or if you have the wrong cwm recovery installed and cant access adb.

    LG United Mobile drivers 1.2.1
    KDZ Updater and R&D Tool (included at bottom)
    You use cab's as your image files, using the tools below you have to convert the official firmware cab to kdz using R&D Tool. Once finished you can either use kdz update or the same R&D tool to update your phone.

    -For now use the ls855 kdz provided at bottom.

    1.) Make sure you run windows enabler first (included at bottom) and click the icon in the task tray (it will say "on"). You also need to install the msxml.msi.

    2.) with your phone off, plug it into your computer and turn it on normally. then leave it be.

    3.) go to kdz update or r&d tool and click QPST smartphone. Then open your kdz file and click start update.

    a.) Your phone will sit for a while and may reboot several times, just leave it alone and it should finish on its own. Never touch anything unless you get an error popup, otherwise it is still working and you could F it up.

    4.) Once its finished you should see the Sprint bootanimation, my phone never made it past that point but others has loaded completely. Guess what? adb should be working even on the bootani so run PlayfulGod's AIO root and CWM and run the batch script.

    5.) Then you can pull battery and reboot into recovery. Now you are able to flash a boost custom rom over the phone to get it back to normal, or you can restore a nandroid backup posted on the forum, do NOT use any backup you may have attempted using the recovery or touch recovery from the Optimus Black phone.

    6.) Profit?
    Side Note

    Ive also found a method to inject any cwm recovery file any to any kdz file. Just run cwminject 1.2 as admin, setup the files, then get kdz ready, make sure u have the right process in cwminject on the right side for the program you are using. Start the kdz update and then click scan on cwminject and it will automatically inject the recovery into the memory files before it gets transfered to your phone. To use cwminject you need to have .Net framework 4 installed on your computer.


    Downloaded KDZ firmware from this site:
    link to: LS855ZV9_11.S9_00.P60680.kdz

    KDZ update software and R&D tools, and all others mentioned.: [STARTER] Upgrade Kit 3.7 | Apps 1.9 | Root, Flash, Unbrick, Tuts... - xda-developers

    cwminject 1.2: CWMInject.zip

    I may cleanup this post later.

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  2. TryingToRoot

    TryingToRoot Android Enthusiast

  3. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User


    But LG's ODIN tool is LGNPST ;)
  4. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yeah i have that too. It didn't work in my situation
  5. hurrilanche

    hurrilanche Member

    Did you ever have any luck transferring the boost firmware to .kdz?
  6. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    No I think the cab from lg is faulty
  7. realizm

    realizm Well-Known Member

    I have never been rooted on the Marquee(Boost). I did the ZV4 update OTA a few days ago and just got my laptop working(new charge cord!) yesterday. Now I want to root!!! Has anyone found a way to root after updating OTA?
  8. mvaness

    mvaness Android Enthusiast

    I am in a similar situation... Boost ZV4 Update and no root. I don't want to go back to ZV3 with the back to stock method posted elsewhere because I really don't want to screw this phone up. Nothing against the efforts made by the fine folks here. I just want a tried and true method to root the Boost ZV4.
  9. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    you could try this:http://androidforums.com/esteem-all-things-root/500491-root-lg-esteem-zvc.html

    the lg esteem root method for the first version worked for us
  10. mvaness

    mvaness Android Enthusiast

  11. m7nba

    m7nba Newbie

    Hi guys I need help I think i unrooted my phone i delete the su.apk and superuser.apk but this Zv4 update keeps telling me to install it but it restarts and the andriod guy gets half way done and shows a ! and i check my status im still at Zv3 , also im on boost
  12. zasvier89

    zasvier89 Newbie

    I just bought the marquee yesterday, when i brought it home I set up the wifi and let it do it's thing figured it should update before i attempted rooting it... lol I also am waiting for a way to root the now updated marquee
  13. kado2999

    kado2999 Newbie

    I cannot seem to find the KDZ Updater or r&d tool from the other linked thread. And it seems like the other thread has alot more to download. I'm a noob at this so as I was trying to find them I somehow ended up on bunch of other threads that aren't even related to this thread.
  14. kado2999

    kado2999 Newbie

    nvm, I went ahead and downloaded it from other websites so now I have the KDZ updater. Now I have a problem. When I plug it in and run the KDZ Updater and select 3GQCT Smartphone (even though you have it as QSPT Smartphone) I am encountering issues where when I run it it says "phone was not found". Now I have ADB installed on my comp and when I run it in command prompt and typed adb devices, it shows my phone is listed. So now I am on a wall here so where do I go from here?
  15. cmitchell17

    cmitchell17 Newbie

    Where did you find a place to download R&D tools I couldn't find it in the link either.
  16. kado2999

    kado2999 Newbie

    I found KDZ updater and RD Tool (its named as in the file UpTestEx_marwin) all from this link directly to XDA


    But I'm still stuck where it says it cannot find my phone despite i have all the drivers for it and ADB is showing it as listed.
  17. three4one

    three4one Newbie

    I would like to try this method. If I can get it to work I would like to document it in detail. I am confused on step 3. Where or what is kdz update? Do all the files run under win 7?

    Also, I assume someone has verified that a boost mobile marquee ota updated to ZV4 has been restored to ZV3 and made rootable again??
  18. HelpDesired

    HelpDesired Newbie

    I can't get this method to work.. 1st when the phone is plugged into the pc and turned on should it be in charge only or mass storage... 2nd the kdz updater and r&d tt don't have the option "QSPT Smartphone" you mentioned. I click the 3QCPT smartphone and it says device not found.
  19. kado2999

    kado2999 Newbie

    I GOT TO WORK WOO!! I can confirm that this method does work for the Boost Mobile LG Marquee with OTA Update on ZV4 version. I can give you a more dumb down noob guide because alot of the guides here do leave out certain specific details. Everything you need is on my attachment. The windows enabler, the KDZ updater, and the optional R&D Test Tool (labeled as UpTestEx_Marwin).

    Here is a dumb down noob step for those that are new like me to this downgrade. Keep in mind this definitely works with the Boost Mobile LG Marquee phone. I'm not responsible for any brick phones.

    Step 1:
    Download monsters linked file of LS855ZV9_11.S9_00.P60680.kdz on his first post.

    Step 2:
    Enable USB Debugging on your phone settings and make sure its set on Charge Only. After that turn off your phone completely and leave it unplugged from computer. (option: if you have not installed the drivers yet, unplug your battery and grab your S/N from the battery compartment of your phone and write it down you will need it for driver installation. After that put your battery back in and leave your phone aside for now.)

    Step 3:
    Download my attachment (option: if you have already installed the LG Drivers skip step 4 otherwise go to step 4)

    Step 4:
    Unzip files anywhere. The only folder you should be looking at is the KDZ_FW_UP_EN and you will see a program in there called B2CAppSetup.exe run it should pop up a LG Software Installer and install the drivers from it by looking up the phone manually by going to "Customer Support" and select "Application, Manual & USB driver download". Once in there check mark the Select Model and then search for LGLS855 and type in your S/N below it. It will load up a manual.pdf and the actual drivers. Install your drivers.

    Step 5:
    Run windows enabler (note: If Windows 7 or Vista run as administrator)

    Step 6:
    Run KDZ Updater or R&D Tool and select the CDMA SmartPhone and leave it as DIAG (note: If Windows 7 or Vista run either 2 programs as administrator)

    Step 7:
    Browse to where you downloaded the KDZ File and load into the KDZ Updater or R&D Tool

    Step 8:
    Now plug your phone into your computer and the computer will load the drivers while it is off. Run the KDZ Updater or R&D Tool software upgrade and it will start loading file. As soon as you run it go ahead and turn on the phone. After your phone boots up and after the boot logo it should next show the S/W Upgrade on your phone. After that leave it alone for about 10 minutes. (NOTE: Very important to understand here. I have not confirmed this with Sprints LG Marquee, but the Boost Mobile LG Marquee only gives a 5 second window for the S/W Upgrade to occur and it is only during boot up. After that the window closes and you will have to reboot the phone to reopen that 5 second window.)

    Step 9:
    When the S/W Upgrade is finished you will see your phone reboot. Those of Boost Mobile LG Marquee, you will no longer see the Boost Mobile logo on boot up but the Sprint Logo on boot up. After that your phone will boot up with software and you are ready to go for rooting. However those of with continuous reboots goto step 9b

    Step 9b:
    If your phone is on a continous loop of rebooting and will not boot up correctly power off your phone. Then press the Vol down + Power key and it should boot up the Sprint Recovery menu. Use Vol Up and Down to navigate and press the menu key to select a choice. Wipe out cache and do a factory reset on your phone. Takes about 1 minute but after factory reset is done go ahead and reboot your phone. When the phone reboots you can setup the usual stuff (google sync, email setup, etc.). Your good to go rooting now.

    SIDE NOTE: Very important to know for Windows 7 or Vista users. If you do not have windows enabler running it will crash the computer and cause your computer to reboot during S/W Upgrade. Once that happens your phone is stuck in S/W Upgrade mode and the only way to get it out of it is to unplug the battery and plug battery back in. Careful may brick your phone because that happened on my first try at this.

    Well I hope that is a bit of a more detailed Guide than previous guide. And I already go my phone rooted too with the stickee thread here as well. I give thanks to Monster and all those that provided me the links (ahem XDA) for the files. Enjoy!

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  20. Bionic Chronic

    Bionic Chronic Android Enthusiast

    Glad you confirmed this.also thanks for the guide. I personally haven't done this because I manually updated, though others will find this useful! Thanks again.

    Swyped from my LG-LG855 using Tapatalk 2 Beta-5
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  21. mxtime

    mxtime Lurker

    When I run the KDZ upgrade tool and launch turn the phone on I get an Upgrade Error. WParam: 100, LParam: 52 after about 10 seconds. Any ideas?
  22. three4one

    three4one Newbie

    Excellent! Followed your steps with success. Very nice putting the files all in one place.

    My experience: After the R&D tool hit 50% complete the my phone started looping the sprint splash screen. I pulled the battery and then followed the rest of your steps in 9b to finish the process.

    Your clarifications will help a lot of people.

    Have you considered a step-by-step on what to do next?

    Thanks for the effort.

    (boost mobile with OTA update ZV4)
  23. kado2999

    kado2999 Newbie

    I ran into that as well. It happens when you either miss that 5 second window on boot up or when you do not have it on CDMA Smartphone DIAG. Like I said run the KDZ Updater and then have it start doing the upgrade when the phone is off while plugged into your computer. After you pressed the Upgrade on the KDZ Updater immediately turn on your phone. If your S/W Upgrade does not appear after the boot up logo then you missed that window again and reboot. Keep trying because definitely got it to work.
  24. mvaness

    mvaness Android Enthusiast


    I had a free afternoon, so I bit the bullet and gave it a shot. I won't say it was easy, it took me more than a few tries and a couple of hours, but I am now rooted with ZV4 and already have ctmod and hyper kernel installed. Now it is time to play!

    Thanks to all for the help! I am looking forward to seeing how this works
  25. realizm

    realizm Well-Known Member

    I'm considering taking the plunge and doing this now...However I do have a question.

    1)How is CTMod's stability? I really don't want to sacrifice any functionality....


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