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Guide for using your laptop internet connection

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MisterTea, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. MisterTea

    MisterTea Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This guide is quite the opposite of what I saw.
    People often want to share their hero internet connection.
    But some people like me just don't have unlimited data share :/
    Here is a 1 minute guide to share your internet to your hero or whatever wifi phone you got ;)
    So here you go :

    go there :
    1) Connectify
    2) fill it up
    3) download
    4) install it
    5) click on the icon in the notification bar
    6) fill it with whatever you want
    7) launch wifi on your hero
    8) omgwtf! a new wifi access point
    9) connect
    10) ?????
    11) Profit

    Tell me if it came to any help ;)

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  2. Dapigill

    Dapigill Newbie

    Dont need an external program to do this ;)
    You can set up an "ad hoc" server on the laptop and then you can find the laptop through a wifi phone as an sepparate access point :)

    But still, good to know about this thing :D
  3. lekky

    lekky Lover

    Have you tried it MisterTea?

    Care to elaborate?
  4. MisterTea

    MisterTea Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yup I use it atm ^^
  5. Bhav

    Bhav Well-Known Member

    I think the method you're referring to requires a lot of messy technical stuff which most people probably won't want to do.

    Connectify.me is actually brilliant. Will definitely be using it at uni in my room where I don't have wifi and data coverage is non-existant.
  6. Dapigill

    Dapigill Newbie

    [QUOTECare to elaborate?[/QUOTE]

    Will do in the evening after work :)
  7. Dapigill

    Dapigill Newbie

    Okey fellows, here is a quick and simple guide for setting up a "ad hoc" server on your computer with wireless nettwork. It is not technicaly complicated, very simple :)

    I dont know which computer OS you are using but I am using Windows 7 and the guide is also made after that, but still it is exactly the same method for Windows Vista. For XP or older, i am not sure but you can always google for it;)

    1. - First, rightclick on your nettwork icon, its bottom right in the status bar. Then choose something like "Open Nettwork and Sharing Center".
    2. - Second, choose option "Set up a new connection or network".
    3. - Third, choose last option "Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network".
    4. - Set network name and on security its up to each of you what to choose, but its perfectly okay to choose open. Since this network is going to be used for more than temp, mark for "Save this network", then u dont need to do this process everytime.
    5. - Voila, you have set up your ad hoc server and can now access a new wireless point from your mobile :D

    I have not tested this on HTC Hero, but I used it on my iPhone and it worked nicely! If you have any problems, tell me, I will try to help out :)
  8. Bhav

    Bhav Well-Known Member

    Oh...not the method I was expecting!

    So this can share a LAN connection via wireless too?
  9. jUsT2eXy

    jUsT2eXy Android Enthusiast

    Why not hook up your uni LAN connection to a wireless router?

    Well that's if the settings are auto-detected...plus you won't have to keep your desktop / laptop on all the time (fan noise is annoying! ... router will be as quiet as a mouse.. (if the settings are detected) ...

    Uni's are annoying..they say no wireless routers..but wait till they knock on your door and say no...

    Further to your question...
  10. Bhav

    Bhav Well-Known Member

    1. Because I have to put in a load of settings to work with the uni network (annoying but no choice), which means a wireless router wouldn't work
    2. Even if I could, I'd then have a buy a wireless router...why do that when Connectify does it for free :D

    And yeah I know Connectify lets me share any connection...I've tried it and it works :) I was wondering if Dapigill's method was the same.
  11. jUsT2eXy

    jUsT2eXy Android Enthusiast

    1. @ 1 .. Yep I agree (hence I mentioned auto-settings) but I guess that's a fail.

    2. @ 2 .. I assumed you had a spare router at home lol.

    Yeah it's free for now (it's in Beta...they might charge later on) ..
    Uni connections ftw! Ridiculous (in a good way) upload / download speeds..

    So basically Connectify is only good for one thing....

    -When you only have LAN ...

    Because if you has any form of wireless networks you could just use them..right?
  12. Bhav

    Bhav Well-Known Member

    Yeah, although fortunately there are other apps that do the same thing (e.g. VirtualRouter).

    Love the uni connection, although we have a daily 1GB limit :( (and instant fine of
  13. jUsT2eXy

    jUsT2eXy Android Enthusiast

  14. Bhav

    Bhav Well-Known Member

    Won't reveal that here...wouldn't want to put people off a brilliant uni based on the transfer caps :p
  15. jUsT2eXy

    jUsT2eXy Android Enthusiast

    lol fine... answer this question tho..it's bugging me..

  16. Bhav

    Bhav Well-Known Member

    Well the laptop effectively becomes a wireless access point so it could extend your wireless range if you're already quite far from the router.

    Phones must have weaker wifi receivers, so if you already have a weak signal, using a laptop will probably help get a better connection.

    No idea about the N standard stuff though!
  17. MisterTea

    MisterTea Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Even if connectify stop being free you already have it on your computer so it won't be a problem for people already having download it
    Anyway there is always places to download older versions of softwares ...
  18. jUsT2eXy

    jUsT2eXy Android Enthusiast

    @ point 1... if your far from the router then the signal quality wouldn't be too great on your laptop either..(arguably)

    Therefore even though you might have 5/5 wireless signal on your Hero (because you are in the same room as the laptop / pc) the connection may well still be slow.. / of a low quality in essence..


    Yeah phones definitely have a weaker wifi receiver..

    If anyone could answer the point on the N-connection I would be grateful.

  19. Bhav

    Bhav Well-Known Member

    Yeah but think of it like this:

    If your laptop is just about receiving a signal, e.g. 10%, then your phone probably wouldn't receive any. So by routing it through the laptop, at least you'd be getting something.
  20. Dapigill

    Dapigill Newbie

    I have not tested how Connectify works, but the ad hoc method I guided is just like setting up your computer as a wireless router. Let me explain with different words, if you have only 1 kable for internet and u dont have any router, then a VERY easy and simple possible solution could be this ad hoc setup ;)

    And most important of all, it is and will be free :p
    on other hand Connectify may charge in the future :(
  21. ticho

    ticho Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, Hero can not connect to ad-hoc wifi networks. Word from google several months ago was that they're working on adding this support, maybe it is in Android 2.0 or 2.1, I didn't check.

    My guess, though, would be that it's not even in 2.1.
  22. Bhav

    Bhav Well-Known Member

    Well what's Connectify doing then? Because the Hero works with that...perhaps it's imitating a wireless router (although Dapigill said that's what his method does too...maybe "ad hoc" is not the right word to use).
  23. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this information. I have been blindly trying this for months.
  24. ticho

    ticho Well-Known Member

    Well, I read somewhere (I think it was on androidcommunity forums) that it is possible on rooted handsets running Modaco, so the support is partly there, but it's probably disabled on official ROMs.
  25. Bhav

    Bhav Well-Known Member

    Er...ok. I'm slightly confused. Connectify works on my non-rooted, official Hero...

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