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(Guide) How to fix a failed recovery flash

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TehDewster, Jan 4, 2013.

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    I'm going to tell you how to fix a failed recovery flash on the Samsung Gravity smart/Galaxy Q (Interrupted, etc)

    First of all, this only works and is intended if your SGH-T589/SGH-T589R displays a phone, a computer, and a yellow triangle when it boots. *EDIT* a link to the picture is here

    If that shows, then you can re-flash your recovery.
    1: A micro USB cable
    2: Odin 4.40 USA with the OPS file
    3:The stock recovery.img from samfirmware.com (you need to register first before downloading)
    4:ADB (Android Debug Bridge which can be found in the android SDK)
    5:Samsung Kies (Also when your phone is in the brick screen, windows will install drivers)

    Okay, here are the steps:
    1:put the recovery.img file into the Platform-tools folder (where ADB is)
    2:In ADB, enter these commands:

    Command 1 : tar -H ustar -c recovery.img > STOCK-Recovery.tar
    Command 2 : md5sum -t STOCK-Recovery.tar >> STOCK-Recovery.tar
    Command 3 : mv STOCK-Recovery.tar STOCK-Recovery.tar.md5

    3:Then you will find a file called STOCK-Recovery.tar.md5 in the same folder as recovery.img
    4:Connect your phone to your computer via the micro USB
    5: Open Odin 4.40 USA and select the OPS file (I recommend putting it in the same folder as Odin is)
    6:Select the check "One package"
    7:Select the "One package" button.
    8:Select where you put your STOCK-Recovery.tar.md5 file and select the file
    9:Also, change the number "200" (Beside "reset time") to "50"
    10:Ignore the error message that comes up.
    11:Select the "Checksum fail" button
    12:Wait 'till it reboots (Keep "Auto Reboot" checked before you flash)
    13: Once the log says "Killed timer", you can unplug your phone and close odin

    This was based on what just happened. (You won't loose any of your data except for a few SD card fails. Just reboot your phone)

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