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I have this guide on FreedomPop forums, but I am afraid that they might take it down like they did my tethering fix post. Since this is an issue with all VoIP services, it would have been best to post it here anyway.
Here is the post:

If you have made a call with Hangouts, TextNow, FreedomPop Messaging or any other VoIP application on the LG Volt, the person you call will complain that your voice is distorted. There is no issue on cellular based calls. The issue is that the mic over-modulated and need to be turned down. This is an issue with all Volts,
1) Root phone
If you have not already done this, here is a guide:
I used LG One Click Root. In my experience, it will stall, but SuperSU will be installed.

2) Download and install ES File Explorer from the Play Store:

3) Open ES File Explorer and click on the left menu bar. Scroll down and select "Root Explorer". Select "Mount R/W" when prompted. Then on the same menu, go to "/ Device". This is the root directory.

Click on /System then etc then look for the file "mixer_paths.xml" This is a big file. On lines 621-625 it will read this way:

path name="handset-mic"
path name="adc1"
ctl name="ADC1 Volume" value="12"
ctl name="DEC1 Volume" value="60"

On the bar on top you will see a pencil (edit). Click on it, and now you can write to file.


On the line change "60" to "30"

Click the back key on the top left to back out and save the file.

Reboot the phone, and your calls will be much better!

Here is my source of the fix:

Thanks to @comintel for showing me the issue. Here is the HowardForums discussion:


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I've used both GrooveIP and Hangouts many times and never once had an issue.
I didn't realise this problem effects everyone else?


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I didn't realize there was an issue until I heard my own voice in a recording. Call into your Google Voice voicemail with Hangouts or GrooveIP and leave yourself a message. If your Volt has an issue, it will sound distorted and over modulated. Mine was a new Sprint Prepaid Volt.