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Guide: How to root Galaxy Fame [Windows]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ryanch94, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. ryanch94

    ryanch94 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This doesn't seem to be covered in the stickied thread. So I'll post a bit about it here! I just got this phone, and it being my first android device, I went about searching for all the neat things I could do with it. I had heard of rooting before, so I was curious to try it out. I eventually found a way to do it and it worked perfectly :)

    Step 1: Download MotoChopper and the generic android drivers

    Step 2: Install the generic drivers and extract the Motochopper ZIP to a folder of your choice.

    Step 3: Set the phone in USB Debugging mode: Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging

    Step 4: In the folder that your extracted MotoChopper to, run the start.bat file, press any key to continue when prompted and let it do its thing.

    If all goes well it should say the root was successful and ask you to press any key to restart the phone.

    Unrooting the phone:

    As far as I know motochopper has no unrooting facility, however, I have discovered a method that lets you unroot the device safely.

    First off download SuperOneClick from here: SuperOneClick - CNET Download.com

    Then, open the application, and click 'Unroot' you should see a few messages in the log box, and then a pop-up message saying that the device is not rooted.

    Hope this helps you all, good luck! :)

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  2. kaybee327

    kaybee327 Newbie

    Know I should not but


    After searching for nearly a week came across your post and it took less than 2 minutes. I have to confess gave up on android a while ago and had forgotten this useful site. now bookmarked for ever

    Thanks again

  3. ryanch94

    ryanch94 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    You're welcome Keith glad I could help!
  4. Android4Life

    Android4Life Lurker

    I've tried almost all methods to root my samsung galaxy fame duos S6812.
    But failed every time. The closest I came to rooting was doing your approach using motochopper. But when I click on superuser app, it asks for su binary update. Even when, I click install it doesn't get updated. :(
    I'm used to having root and custom roms in my previous phones and its killing me that I can't do the same for my new phone.
    It would be great if you could help me
  5. vipinbp

    vipinbp Lurker

    same here :(
  6. Android4Life

    Android4Life Lurker

    You can follow the steps numbered below to root Samsung Glaxy Fame Duos S6812 successfully

    Step 1: Download and install drivers for your phone. You can go here to get univeral drivers.

    Step 2: Go here to download VRoot. After downloading install VRoot. (NOTE: The website and the software is in Chinese but it wouldn't pose to be a problem. Click 'Next' whenever its prompted during installation)

    Step 3: Set the phone in USB Debugging mode: Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.

    Step 4: Connect the phone to the PC via USB and wait for VRoot to detect your phone.

    Step 5: Once detected click the green coloured box in the lower right hand side of the Program.

    Step 6: You'll have successfully rooted your phone at the end. You can go to Play store and install SuperSU or anyother root manager if you want.

  7. droidzone

    droidzone Android Enthusiast

    VRoot worked on my Fame S6812.
  8. MrToxic

    MrToxic Lurker

    Ok so I successfully rooted my phone. Then I downloaded Rom manager because I want to install CWM on my phone, however this phone is not listed on the download list for CWM. So what can I do now guys? Clock Working the phone is extremely important and rooting is basically useless if you can't CWM.
  9. Bazcabs

    Bazcabs Member

    If you downloaded CWM just put the zip file onto the sd card, boot into recovery and install the CWM zip from there. That's what I did.
  10. GreenXSI

    GreenXSI Lurker

    I have been trying to root my Samsung Glaxy Fame GT-S6810 using motochopper and vroot, and none of them succeeded. Vroot brought up Superuser in apps, but when I tried to check using Root Checker, it said - no proper root access.

    Any help?
  11. nick007shadow

    nick007shadow Lurker

    Great tools, but I recommended English version :)

  12. you can root samsung galaxy fame gt-s6812 by kingo root u can download it from www.kingoapp.com its free and simple-
    1)open usb debugging
    2)click on root on kingo root

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