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[GUIDE] How to root the Galaxy Smart

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tangodown09, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. tangodown09

    tangodown09 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I was super tired and groggy when I made this so it's sloppy but hopefully it will help you. If you have any questions just ask.


  2. ramothgold

    ramothgold Newbie

    Thanks for the video worked perfectly. I am finally rooted. Now to find some good roms so I can customize my desktop with my go apps instead of the regular message contacts, and phone dialer. Any help there? Is it possible to get a list of the stock apps you removed safely? I too would like more room, and less memory sucking apps running in the background. Some pictures or another how to safely remove apps would be great. I am computer savy but this is a whole new animal I am learning about.

    You do good work keep it up. I look forward to your future posts.

    Keep Moving Forward,
  3. tangodown09

    tangodown09 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Some of the apps I removed:

    T-mobile APP pack- Didn't use anything here so goodbye!

    com.logmein- I removed any of this stuff because I have no use for it.

    Drivesmart- I do not use this, I don't use my phone at all when I drive.

    Files 1.0.0- I use my own file explorer app.

    google.backup.transport- I don't use this either, not quite sure what it is.

    Google search- no need to have an app when google is my homepage!

    Home screen tips- Who needs um?

    Lookout- Do not use, although it isn't a bad app.

    Manage Online album- Don't need to use this, all my photos go to facebook!

    Messaging- I use Handcent SMS!

    Photobucket- Don't use

    Samsung Account and Samsung home- Again I didnt use these, I installed Launcher pro from the market, it is way smoother and cleaner! (do not remove without installer launcher pro!!!)

    I removed swype because I didn't like it but that is personal preference!

    Just get the titanium back up app from the market, what I did was make a back up of all apps for safe keeping on my SD card. To do so you will run Titanium Backup, select backup/restore at the top, hit your menu touch button, select batch. Select the 5th option (Backup all user apps + system data). This will assure you that everything is still on the phone if you happen to delete something by mistake you wanted! You can batch restore on this same screen. I have some t-mobile apps, like my account on my phone still, you can remove this but I like to see when my bill is due! I do not have any screens to show but I think this will help you figure out how to delete/restore/backup everything! Any more questions just ask!
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  4. ramothgold

    ramothgold Newbie

    All the help is appreciated more than I can say. Thanks so much for making some of my workload less. Now I just need to find a rom that will allow me to customize my home screens. Any suggestions?

    Keep Moving Forward,
  5. tangodown09

    tangodown09 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    As of right now I have not been able to find any roms, I think it may be a month or so before we do I have sent a request to cyanogenmod for support so I will update with the status of that when I receive word!
  6. ramothgold

    ramothgold Newbie

    Most excellent.

  7. ramothgold

    ramothgold Newbie

    I was wondering if it is possible or advisable to root, then uninstall tetris, uno, aim, allshare, messaging, bejeweled, files, and photobucket, glympse. Then to create a nand backup and unroot my phone. The only reason I wanted to root it in the first place was to get rid of some of the useless things taking up space.

    I was also wondering if anyone had luck with removing google cloud was that able to be uninstalled without too much fuss and group messaging? The list was posted are those the actual names of the files that I will see with titanium backup pro.
    Any thoughts would be exceedingly helpful.
  8. ramothgold

    ramothgold Newbie

    Shouldn't the topic be Gravity Smart?
  9. builder2

    builder2 Lurker

    OK, I rooted the phone and immediately did a full backup using Titanium Backup. Once that was done, I started removing pre-installed apps and then rebooted the phone. That is where the problems began, it wouldn't get past the Samsung splash screen. After rebooting 4x and always getting hung there, I tried to do a factory reset using pwr button and T key, was able to do so but different problem now. It gets past the splash screen but screen is blank except for time and signal strength icons. I am able to receive calls but can't set up any google accounts or access any settings. I was able to open the browser via voice command and access the market to redownload titanium backup and superuser to do a restore, it found my first backup and said it was restored but the problem still exists. After second factory reset, can't get into anything. Do I just have a brick or does a copy of the orginal rom exist that I can put on to the SD and restore from there?
  10. tokicku

    tokicku Lurker

    Anyone know which stock apps i can uninstall? i want to uninstall telnav because if you use it on accident they charge you 3.99 a month but i would really like to get rid of most stock apps. I already bricked one phone doing that but another member on here helped me with that so im trying not to do it again.
  11. CubanX83

    CubanX83 Lurker

    Can you show a video how to do it with your phone on video
  12. ARUKET

    ARUKET Lurker

    I would like to know this too. My phone's storage is insanely low. I tried EVERYTHING to free space. I'm a huge texter and I can't receive any text messages, that's how bad this is. This is becoming a serious problem and I need to root the phone, delete unwanted stock apps, then unroot it. The thing is, I have no idea how to unroot it.

  13. phandolin

    phandolin Lurker

    Thanks so much for this thread, it was very helpful. I was removed most of the apps that tangodown09 mentioned in his post. There are a few others I wanted to get rid of, but was wondering if anyone had any experience yes or no on them...

    Cloud Texting?
    Email? (I only use the Gmail app)
    Group Texting?
    Latitude? (I do use Maps, but do I need this?)
    Visual Voicemail? (I use Google Voice)

    So yeah, just curious if anyone has deleted any of these and had any repercussions or not. Thanks SO much for this helpful thread, it was very easy to follow.
  14. Noathan

    Noathan Lurker

    the cloud services help this phones sharing capabilities... i think... i didnt mess with that to be safe...
    i just posted a list of ones i could think of...
    all of those but cloud services can go...
    glympse just shares ur location.. vvs has a bunch of bins u wanna hunt too...
    like i said in my other post... after u kill these.. there are big files with the same name in the system data directories...
    llattitude is kinda usefull... but i killed it.
  15. Gillespee

    Gillespee Lurker

    Hi, I was able to delete unwanted apps from the system folder with Super Manager. However it would seem the apps are not physically deleted from the phone’s internal memory. The icons and files don’t show up any more in Root Explorer or Super Manager. Root Explorer says I have 26 megs free. But they all still show up in the manage apps and in my apps2sd screens.

    Is there something like a recycle bin I have to empty?

    Thanks in advance!
  16. as439726

    as439726 Android Enthusiast

  17. Gillespee

    Gillespee Lurker

    A couple more details for anyone who's thinking about the problem. Root Explorer says I have more than 40 megs free - but App2SD says I only have 10.
  18. Gillespee

    Gillespee Lurker

    @as439726 - Buy the pro version of Titanium backup. Use the menu button and click on more. Clear the Dalvik cache. Reboot the phone. Enjoy the space. :)
  19. Gillespee

    Gillespee Lurker

    In my earlier frustration over my inability to receive so much as a text message when my internal memory was full, I went on something of a purge. I figured I had everything backed up with Titanium Backup. Unfortunately, I was wrong, it had only done a few things. So, anyway, I now find myself without a copy of googleapps.apk on my phone. I haven't noticed anything disastrous yet, but would prefer to return it to it's rightful place.

    I'd really appreciate any suggestions. I did find a version of it for download here, but I have no way of knowing if it's the right one. Even if it is, I'm not sure what to do with it. Can I fix this? Thanks in advance . . .
  20. as439726

    as439726 Android Enthusiast

    Did clearing the Dalvik cash really clear up a lot of internal memory and was there any adverse effects?
  21. Gillespee

    Gillespee Lurker

    It cleared up twenty megs. No adverse affects so far.
  22. loutcastl

    loutcastl Lurker

    I was wondering if anyone else has noticed even though downloading programs to the sd card the phones memory still fills?

    Even clearing the Dalvik cashe does not work after some time.
    What else could be done about this? Even though apps go to the card does parts of it still install to the phone?
  23. phandolin

    phandolin Lurker

    "Samsung Account and Samsung home- Again I didnt use these, I installed Launcher pro from the market, it is way smoother and cleaner! (do not remove without installer launcher pro!!!)"


    Oops....so I was following instructions to root my wife's phone like I did mine, and I removed Samsung Account and Samsung Home. Now my screen has gone blank and I reread the original post and realized that I did not have Installer Launcher Pro. I guess it's too late for me to be doing this...what can I do at this point? Any advice would be great ASAP, she'll probably not be too happy when she wakes up. Thanks in advance.
  24. phandolin

    phandolin Lurker

    Okay I turned the phone off and back on and it's just flashing 'samsung' at the start. I did some googling and was able to get into recovery mode. I'm feeling a bit better than I was 5 minutes ago. Any advice from there? Factory Reset?
  25. phandolin

    phandolin Lurker

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