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[GUIDE] How to root the Galaxy Smart

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tangodown09, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. gblues

    gblues Member

    I've started a Wikia wiki for this phone and written a couple articles to get started: how to root the phone, and how to recover the phone if you accidentally brick it.

    Gravity Smart Wiki

  2. kick2299

    kick2299 Lurker

    I may just be missing something, but where are the links you talked about providing in the video? :thinking:
  3. Spoofehness

    Spoofehness Lurker


    I followed the video and ran everything. Oneclick told me that I rooted my phone, rebooted, but nothing changed except all of my downloaded apps are now claiming not to be on my phone. The preset apps like AIM and whatnot are still there, and still will not allow me to uninstall them from the phone. What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to remove the apps from my computer? If so, how? I just feel like somebody left a step out...
  4. Spoofehness

    Spoofehness Lurker

    Update: my apps are now functioning for some reason. I still can't delete the pre-installed apps.
  5. fcolon76

    fcolon76 Lurker

    Hello, Ireally need someones help I rooted my samsung gravity smart phone with SuperOneClick and everything went fine then to make sure that everything was rooted I used rootchecker but its giving me a whole bunch of reasons,If you guys liked I could put up everything it states. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!! :(

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