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[GUIDE]Security Error FIX

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by travioso, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. travioso

    travioso Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Let me tell you this was an adventure. Hopefully it saves someone a day of there life if ever in the same predicament. Found this out over on XDA (forget the exact post) In my case, I flashed CWM without first unlocking the bootloader, only to come to the Security Error screen on reboot. Takes all of 5 minutes to fix. Only requirements are fast boot and the original recovery image (included). I couldn't for the life of me get fastboot to recognize my phone except but using the included start.bat in the fastboot.zip.. What I did exactly was this:

    Unzip fastboot.zip to c:\fastboot
    make sure fastboot drivers are installed as stated in c:\fastboot\readme.txt

    copy p4_769.img c:\fastboot\bin
    run cmd.exe as administrator (right click/run as administrator)
    goto c:|\fastboot\bin directory then type: fastboot flash recovery p4_769.img (should receive waiting for fastboot device message)
    right click c:\fastboot\start.bat and run as administrator
    select option 1

    follow the instructions it tells you (i actually had to reinstall the drivers again. should pop up as LG P2 (i believe that was the name) this time, install the same way as first time.
    the fastboot flash recovery image windows should show its doing something.

    let fastboot flash the recovery. Now when you reboot the phone, you should see a dead android guy. turn back off the phone and do a factory reset (hold volume down, home, and power) it should go through the motions of factory resetting.. Everything is erased, phone is like new again.. Now the proud owner of an unbricked phone..


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  2. antdogac

    antdogac Member

    Hells yah. Thanks ill give it a try to tomorrow. It has been a month sence I was able to use my phone
  3. LoopyD

    LoopyD Android Enthusiast

    Oh of course. *slaps forehead * why didn't I think of that lol
  4. antdogac

    antdogac Member

    It didn't work. The screen did say fastboot so it almost worked. the writing was all backwards though. Is the phone sappost to reboot on its own? Mine didn't. How long should I leave it plugged in before I disconect It from the computer
  5. Im4Android

    Im4Android Member

    did NOT work for me either.....the same exact thing happened for me too.:(
  6. travioso

    travioso Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    were you able to flash the recovery image? it should flash during the backwards screen.. this is specifically for cwm or another recovery being flashed without the bootloader being unlocked. If you tried flashing a rom, you may need to follow this http://androidforums.com/optimus-l9-all-things-root/792689-guide-unbrick-manual-update.html OR this
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2085344 also.

    Also, antdogac, the cmd.exe window that you type flash recovery p4_769.img in should say something along the lines of success.. then reboot manually
  7. antdogac

    antdogac Member

    It did, but when I manually reboot nothing. But I did try to flash a custom rom to it so ill give the link a try. Thank you for your help. Ito be honest what happened was I tried to unlock my bootloader with no internet. I thought it worked so I went ahead and tried a custom rom and bam no phone for a month
  8. travioso

    travioso Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    if it works it will come up to the bootloader.. unlock or no.. you should be able to flash kdz with the offline fix.. otherwise flash the stock recovery via fastboot.. if that fails flash the u and x ics bootloader.. i haven't gone down the custom rom path just yet.. you can't do that from the cwm we have.. only thing i've seen that actually works (aint actually seen it yet) is adb reboot oem-unlock.. once the holidays are over i'm gonna figure this thing out or give up..
  9. antdogac

    antdogac Member

    Thank you for kyour help in the mean time Ill see what I can find out about adb reboot oem-unlock
  10. abulkhak

    abulkhak Lurker

    Can someone please go through this with screenshots or something please!!!
  11. antdogac

    antdogac Member

    R u serious screw that I need some one to bust out with youtube. Hell I'll pay to get mine fixed. I can't believe how much metro.and lg both blow. More metro though
    abulkhak likes this.
  12. travioso

    travioso Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I'll try to do that over the weekend if I get a chance.. Can't do the installing fastboot drivers part though as they are already already installed on my machine..
    abulkhak likes this.
  13. abulkhak

    abulkhak Lurker

    That would be great. Thank you
  14. antdogac

    antdogac Member

    Right that would be cool. I got it in fast boot but it didn't work. I was able to install the driver once and then when I tryed again it didn't show up in divce manager at all so I just try to select one of the options in fast boot n e ways and it when through but didn'twork bbecause I don't know how to use fast boot with the recover image. A video would really help allot.
  15. rhino889a

    rhino889a Android Expert

    i havent done this but from what i understand. you need to have the device manager open and ready toclick as it only apears in device manager for a second.
  16. mhrf90

    mhrf90 Well-Known Member

    Finally got this working!! Thanks!
  17. antdogac

    antdogac Member

    How do you copy the recovery image to FaStStboo that's Where i'm stuck
  18. antdogac

    antdogac Member

    I'm able to enter fastboot bite from there I don't know what to do it gives a bunch of options like numbers 1 through 7 bUt I don't know how to install the recovery image
  19. antdogac

    antdogac Member

    OK so I've almost got it I'm making a YouTube video today I'll post the link so if someone could watch it and let me know what I'm doing wrong I would appreciate it alot
  20. Thanks so much! This worked in about 5min after trying the LG tool for 2 days. Too bad LG and Tmobile have crippled this phone with restricting the SD card and all the add ons! Startup manager free have been a great help since even disabled apps were running still! Thanks again!!
  21. Kasman3

    Kasman3 Newbie

    i dont get it
  22. Kasman3

    Kasman3 Newbie

    sory i stayed up all night trying to get this to work for me. but i guess i just dont get it... like when i run cmd.exe nothing i enter is working can someone please help. thanks OP
  23. Kasman3

    Kasman3 Newbie

    ok it worked but now my screen is flipped?
  24. Kasman3

    Kasman3 Newbie

    screen is flipped?
  25. You need to do things in the right order, took me a few tries too but the screen being flipped means you are in fastboot.

    You need to run cmd.exe first
    run cmd.exe as administrator (right click/run as administrator)
    then run
    fastboot flash recovery p4_769.img (should receive waiting for fastboot device message)
    then start fastboot
    right click c:\fastboot\start.bat and run as administrator
    select option 1

    Once you see the screen flipped the recovery will start and your phone will reboot to the little dead android, then do the reset of the phone, hold vol -, Home, and power till it resets and you will be back where you were.

    Happy reset!!

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