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Tips [Guide]Tips and Ticks

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DanceOff, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. DanceOff

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    Dec 2, 2012

    Dec 2, 2012
    Admin at www.android-developers.forum.bz
    New Delhi,India
    These are General Tips and Tricks,.for advanced level Tips,Tricks, how to root etc go here:


    Access the scientific calculator

    To access the scientific calculator, rotate
    the phone to landscape mode.
    The calculator will change to a scientific

    End a phone call by pressing the Power button

    Rather than having to locate the hang up
    icon on the screen after each call, you can
    quickly end a call by pressing the Power
    button. It will not turn off the screen
    To enable this, go to Settings - Accessibility
    - Power button ends call.
    Note: Depending on which firmware you
    are running, you may need to update your
    firmware to see this feature.

    Tether your laptop or computer to your phone

    You can tether your computer or laptop to
    your phone so that the PC uses the
    phone's 3G or 4G connection.
    To do this, connect the phone to your PC
    via USB cable. If a screen appears saying
    Choose a connection type, then select USB
    tethering and you should be able to start
    surfing straight away. If it doesn't then
    press the Home key to go into normal
    mode. Then go to Menu - Settings -
    Wireless and network - Tethering and
    portable hotspots. Then tick USB tethering.
    Your computer should then install the
    relevant drivers. To test, simply open your
    browser and start surfing.
    Another alternative if the above doesn't
    work is to use an App called PdaNet.
    Before you install this App, you will need to
    go to Menu - Settings - Applications -
    Development. Then tick the option which
    says USB Debugging. Then download both
    the App and the software for your
    computer. Once they are both installed run
    PdaNet on your laptop and then on your
    phone. Follow any other instructions to
    complete the process.
    Warning: Some carriers will tell you that
    tethering is not allowed in their contract.
    You should still be able to use the above
    techniques, but be aware that your carrier
    may not be happy. Also, if you are not on
    an unlimited data plan, be sure you do not
    use too much data through your laptop or
    computer as you may incur extra charges.

    Accents and special characters

    If you want to type non-English letters (eg
    those with an accent), long-press on the
    relevant letter. A list of options will appear
    for you to select

    Add email or phone number from text

    To add an email or phone number to your
    contacts from a text message, you can
    long-press on the email / phone number.
    Then select Add to contacts.

    Adding pauses when dialling

    To add pauses when dialing numbers, or
    storing numbers in your contacts, then
    insert a comma ( , ) when entering the
    This will pause the dialling for about 2

    Allow swear words in voice recognition

    To allow swear words in voice recognition,
    go to Settings - Voice input & output -
    Voice recognition settings. Then untick
    Block offensive words.
    By default, the phone will actually
    recognise swear words, but will insert x's
    instead of the word.

    Change your default font(root required, read line on top)

    To change your default font, you need to
    download a third-party app because
    Android does not have a built-in way of
    changing fonts
    There are two good Apps that allow you to
    change fonts:
    Font Changer - There is a free version and a
    paid version. The paid version allows you to
    change the screen density and allows you
    to preview the font. You can also change a
    few other options.

    Custom ringtones, alarms, sms notifications

    To use custom ringtones for your phone
    ringtone, your alarm or your text message
    notification, simply copy an MP3 file to one
    of the following folders:
    If they don't already exist, then create a
    new folder.
    The file will then show up when you want
    to change your ringtones.
    For Ringtones go to Settings - Sound -
    Phone ringtone
    For Text Messages go to - Settings - Sound
    - Notification ringtone
    For Alarm, set the sound when you add a
    new alarm

    Increase Internal Memory
    see this:
    or-if u have adb in pc then,
    adb shell
    $ pm SetInstallLocation 2

    Help, I have forgotten my unlock pattern

    If you have forgotten your custom unlock
    pattern, then don't panic.
    After 5 unsuccessful tries a button should
    appear saying 'Forgot pattern'. Press this
    and you will be asked to enter your Gmail
    The phone will then ask for a new unlock
    pattern. If you don't have a Gmail account,
    then you might have to either call your
    carrier or factory reset your phone:
    1.Take out the battery
    2.Press the volume down button+power to boot in recovery mode
    3.scroll using volume keys
    4.Scroll to factory reset and press power button
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~mOre tO cOme sOOn


  2. DanceOff

    DanceOff Member
    Thread Starter
    Dec 2, 2012

    Dec 2, 2012
    Admin at www.android-developers.forum.bz
    New Delhi,India

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