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Root Guide To Flashing Th3oryrom's KIN3TX

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nrock2256, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Dec 20, 2011

    Dec 20, 2011
    Well, I was very confused as to what I had to do to install kin3tx on my new bionic, but I finally got it. This is a guide to installing kin3tx, because there isn't anything incrediblt helpful or really explanitory out there for first time rooters/ rom flashers like me.


    STEP 0:

    after you flash the base, and if you want to flash some ad ons, PLEASE WAIT A GOOD 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOU DO SO AFTER INSTALLING THE KIN3TX BASE ROM. Put the phone down, hook it up to the charger, and let the ROM settle in. 15 minutes. No less. Then you can install the adons, but make sure you repeat this step before installing a t-pack.

    Step 1:

    Root your Bionic. There's no way to install this ROM if you don't. I recommend SuperOneClick. This is a really good tool, and is fine for what we're doing here. This step is of course unnecessary if your phone is already rooted. If for some reason it doesn't automatically install the drivers, download and install them From Here.

    Step 2:

    Install Astro file manager from the market.

    Step 3:

    Install bionic bootstrap. (Found here: BionicBootstrap.apk) To Install it, plug your phone into your computer, and on your Bionic go to the notifications, select the notification with the USB icon, and select "Mass Storage". Go to my computer, and paste the .apk file to MOT. Now, disconnect your phone and go to astro. Select file manager, and find the file. select, and install it. If it tells you it cant install non market apps, go to settings from the prompt, and select "Allow non market applications". Now install it, and move on to the next step.

    Step 4:

    Get the ROM from Here.

    Do NOT decompress it. Copy the .zip file to your SD card like you did with bionic bootstrap.. Now, go to astro and find the .zip file. long press it, and select copy. now hit the menu button, and select preferences. Under preferences select home directory, and erase everything except for the first "/". Now back out of that menu. Select Home in the selection area at the top, and it should go to the "/" directory. From there, scroll down until you see "sdcard-ext" and select it. Once in that directory, paste the .zip file. (Note, if it tells you that it was unsuccessful, ignore it. Just hit okay, and exit ASTRO.

    Step 5:

    Now you're ready to install KIN3TX. Exit everything, and go to bionic bootstrap. (Make sure you have full battery!) When it asks for superuser, make sure you allow it. Nowm select the top option in bionic bootstrap. Once it says it's complete, select reboot recovery. Once in recovery, select "Backup and Restore" (up and down volume buttons move, power button selects) and select backup. After it's done backing up, you can move on. Go to the main menu of the recovery menu, and select "Wipe data/factory reset". after that's done, select"Wipe cache partition", then go to "Mounts and Storage" and select "format /system" and then select "Format /cache". Once those have completed, go to the main menu again and select "advanced" and hit "Wipe Dalvik Cache" and go back when it's done. Go to "Install zip from sdcard" then "choose zip from sdcard" and select the .zip file you moved there. After it's done installing, reboot the phone.

    Step 6 (OPTIONAL):

    Now you can install a couple of ad ons. You can get rid of the blur (called AOSP) by moving this to the sdcard-ext directory, and rebooting into revovery. When your in recovery, ONLY WIPE THE CACHE PARTITION, THE DALVIK CACHE, AND FORMAT /CACHE. Then install it like you installed the base. Alternatively, you can keep the blur by installing this. Please note that with these ad-ons, you can only install one or the other. When flashing the first one, i highly recommend you backup the system so that in case you don't like it, you can restore the system and try the other one. (Also note that when restoring, the restoration points are marked by the date, and then time when the backup was performed.)


    You can install some custom themes called "T-PAX". Once you've installed kin3tx, you should have the bionic box as well. Go to the bionic box, and select "TH3ORY TPAX" and you can download some t-pax. There is a video Here comparing all the tpax side by side. Personally, i use the IC3 pack. To install the tpax, select the one you want. It will then begin to download. Once downloaded, go to /mnt/sdcard/download take the .zip file and put it in the sdcard-ext folder. Reboot into recovery again (AND BACKUP BEFORE YOU INSTALL IT!) and ONLY WIPE CACHE PARTITION, DALVIK, AND /CACHE. then you can install the tpack from install zip from sdcard. Also, if you don't like the t-pack, you can just download a new one, and flash it like you flashed the first one. No need to restore before you do so.

    Well, that's it. This took a good amount of time to write, so i hope it helps. Enjoy KIN3TX! It really is a great rom.


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