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[GUIDE] to Removing Stock Apps - 12/21/2012

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Artine, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Original Thread by kwknott found here. As such, kwnott receives most of the credit - I'm merely updating it. This thread was made with his permission.

    Precautions / Warning

    Remove apps at your own risk.

    I would suggest that you backup up all apps with Titanium Backup and also freezing the apps for a while before uninstalling them (preferably uninstalling them with Titanium Backup as well, as opposed to Root Uninstaller). Everyone uses a phone differently so just because it works for me doesn't mean it'll necessarily work for you.

    Let's Get Started

    This guide lists all of the apps that come stock with the phone with/including Virgin Mobile's ZV5 firmware upgrade. Apps are listed in alphabetical order by .apk filename. All stock .apks/apps that are located in /system/app are listed, although some do not have an .apk but do have an app name. In such cases, they will be appended to the end of each section. Similarly, many do not have a description as we're unclear of what they do. If you know of an .apk, app name, and/or description, and it's missing from here, please let me know and I'll add it ASAP!

    • Underlined = .apk Filename.
    • Bold = App Name (as you may find it in, for example, Titanium Backup).
    • Italicized = Description.
    • [...] = Name is obscenely and unnecessarily long, and has been shortened.
    Bloat Apps / Safe to Remove
    1. BooksPhone.apk - Google Play Books
      • E-Reader for Google Books.
    2. com.sprint.voicemail.apk - Sprint Voicemail
      • Voicemail app.
    3. GenieWidget.apk
      • Bloat widgets.
    4. GoogleWallet.apk - Wallet
      • Stores credit card information.
    5. LG_LS840_Cayman-SmartDeviceManager[...]UPDATE_2_21_2012.apk - Sprint Smart Device Manager
      • Sprint Parental Controls App.
    6. MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk - Magic Smoke Wallpapers
      • Wallpaper pack.
    7. MobileID-1.6.30-ANDR_PRD.apk - Mobile ID
      • A Virgin Mobile app to install customization packs - in other words, a Trojan Horse of bloat.
    8. Music2.apk - Google Play Music
      • Buy and Sync music App.
    9. PlusOne.apk - Google+
      • Google+
    10. PolarisViewer3.0.LG.HVGA.apk - Polaris Viewer
      • Stock file browser.
    11. PrefAct.apk - Sprint Preferred Activity
      • Needs description, but removing it affects nothing.
    12. Protips.apk
      • Homescreen Tips Widgets.
    13. SelfServiceAssistant_1.2.3_Sprint_signed.apk
      • Needs description, but removing it affects nothing.
    14. Shopper-110-preinstall.apk - Google Shopper
      • Google Shopping App.
    15. Sprint_Installer2201.apk
      • Needs description, but removing it affects nothing.
    16. Street.apk - Street View
      • Google Maps' Street View.
    17. Swype.apk - Swype Keyboard
      • Swype Keyboard.
    18. Videos.apk
      • Needs description, but removing it affects nothing.
    19. VmRoms.apk - VM ROMs
      • Not what you think it is. Found in /data/app.
    20. VisualizationWallpapers.apk - Music Visualization Wallpapers
      • Wallpaper pack.
    21. YouTube.apk - YouTube
      • Self explanatory.
    22. Zone-Myaccount-v3.0.43.apk
      • Virgin Mobile MyAccount Homescreen Shortcut.
    23. Applications Stub
      • Virgin Mobile App.
    24. Buzz Feed
      • Virgin Mobile App.
    25. Downloads (red logo)
      • Displays your downloads from Virgin Mobile.
    26. Facebook
      • Self explanatory.
    27. News & Weather
      • News and Weather App.
    28. Tuning Fork
      • Stupid Virgin Mobile App.
    29. Tutorial Widgets
      • Self explanatory. They appear when you turn on your phone for the first time.
    30. VM Icon Pack
      • Virgin Mobile App Icons. Don't worry, uninstalling this will not remove app icons from your phone - this is just another stupid Virgin Mobile stock bloat app.
    31. Virgin Mobile Live
      • Virgin Mobile music app.
    32. Virgin Mobile Live Widget
      • Virgin Mobile Live widget.
    33. Voicemail
      • Voicemail Homescreen Shortcut.
    34. Wikipedia
      • Wikipedia App.
    35. Yelp
      • Yelp App.
    Can be removed if you don't use or need them, or have replacements
    1. Bluetooth.apk - Bluetooth
      • Bluetooth. Removal causes loss of Bluetooth functionality.
    2. Browser.apk - Browser
      • Stock Web Browser. Can be replaced.
    3. Calculator.apk - Calculator
      • Stock Calculator. Can be replaced.
    4. Calendar.apk - Calendar
      • Stock Calendar. Can be replaced.
    5. CalendarProvider.apk
      • Required for Calendar function.
    6. CameraApp.apk - Camera (and Camcorder)
      • Stock Camera App. Can be replaced.
    7. com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox.apk
      • Google Search Box Widget on Homescreen.
    8. com.google.android.voicesearch.apk
      • Needs description.
    9. Contacts.apk - Contacts
      • Stock Contacts App. Can be replaced.
    10. ContactsProvider.apk
      • Required for Contacts.
    11. DeskClock.apk
      • Stock Clock widget and Alarm app. Your phone will still display the correct date and time without this.
    12. Email.apk - Email
      • Stock Email Client App for pop3 and imap accounts. Can be replaced.
    13. Gallery3D.apk - Gallery
      • Stock Picture/Gallery Viewer.
    14. Gmail.apk - Gmail
      • Stock Gmail App. Check Gmail email with this.
    15. GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk - Google Calendar Sync
      • Syncs calendar data to your Gmail account.
    16. GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk - Google Contacts Sync
      • Syncs contacts data to your Gmail account.
    17. GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk
      • Google Quick Search Box.
    18. HTMLViewer.apk
      • Needs description, but recommend keeping.
    19. LatinIME.apk - Android Keyboard
      • Stock Android Keyboard. Can be replaced.
    20. Launcher2-1.6.35-mdpi-nfc-ANDR_PRD.apk - Launcher
      • Stock Launcher.
        • Note: Remove only if you have a replacement set as a system app and as the default launcher or you will be forced to either factory reset or restore from a Nandroid backup as you will be unable to access anything except through Recovery.
    21. LGWallpaperPicker.apk - LG Wallpaper Picker
      • Allows you to pick from stock wallpapers.
    22. LiveWallpapers.apk - Android Live Wallpapers
      • Animated Wallpapers.
    23. LiveWallpapersPicker.apk - Live Wallpapers Picker
      • If you wish to get rid of the stock live wallpapers, but wish to retain support for them, keep this app. If not, you can get rid of it.
    24. Maps.apk - Google Maps
      • Self explanatory.
    25. MarketUpdater.apk - Market Updater
      • Notifies you of Google Play app updates if they are available.
    26. Mms.apk - Messaging
      • Stock messaging app. Can be replaced.
    27. Music.apk - Music Player
      • Stock Music Player. Can be replaced.
    28. Nfc.apk - NFC
      • NFC (Near Field Communications).
        • Note: Removal may cause Play Store issues.
    29. NfcHandover.apk - NFC Handover
      • Required for NFC.
        • Note: Removal may cause Play Store issues.
    30. oem_install_flash_player.apk - Adobe Flash Player
      • Plays online flash content.
    31. Phone.apk - Dialer
      • Stock Dialer App. Can be replaced.
    32. PhotoEditor.apk - Photo Editor
      • Allows you to crop, resize, etc. photos. For example, this can be done through the Gallery app of your choice. If you never wish to edit photos in any way, you can remove this app.
    33. PicoTts.apk - PicoTTS
      • Allows you to use TTS (Text to Speech).
    34. QuickMemo_GB.apk - Quick Memo
      • Takes screenshots you can doodle on.
    35. SoundRecorder.apk - Sound Recorder
      • Sound Recorder. Records audio.
    36. Tag.apk
      • Required for NFC. Reads NFC tags. Remove if you don't wish to use NFC to read NFC tags.
        • Note: Removal may cause Play Store issues.
    37. Talk.apk - Google Talk
      • Google Talk.
    38. TtsService.apk
      • Required for (Pico)TTS.
    39. VoiceDialer.apk - Voice Dialer
      • Voice Dialer.
    40. VoiceSearch.apk - Voice Search
      • Allows you to conduct a search query using your voice.
    41. VpnServices.apk - VPN
      • Allows you to use a VPN for the phone's incoming/outgoing connections over the interwebs whilst looking at pictures of cute fluffy kittens.
    42. Downloads (green logo)
      • Handles the downloading of Google Apps, Picasa, YouTube, etc.
    43. My Uploads
      • Handles the uploading of Google Apps, Picasa, YouTube, etc.
    44. Sprint Android Requirements
      • Removing prevents SSA from working. Safe to remove if you've removed SSA.
    45. SSA
      • Activation App. Removal will prevent activating via app.
    Required System Apps - Don't even think about removing these
    1. AccountAndSyncSettings.apk
      • Your Google account and sync settings are handled through this.
    2. androidUTSManager.apk
      • Needs description.
    3. ApplicationsProvider.apk
      • Needs description.
    4. CameraTestApp.apk
      • Camera test for LG Hidden Menu.
    5. CertInstaller.apk
      • Manages Secure Certificates.
    6. DefaultContainerService.apk
      • Needs description.
    7. DownloadProvider.apk - Download Provider
      • Needs description.
    8. DownloadProviderUi.apk
      • UI for the Download Provider.
    9. DrmProvider.apk - DRM Protected Content Storage
      • Handles rights to protected media.
    10. framework-res.apk
      • In addition to other things; handles the graphical portion of the framework for your phone. This includes things like, but not limited to, the battery icon and the glow of color when you attempt to scroll past the border of a window.
    11. GoogleBackupTransport.apk
      • Backup phone settings to Google.
    12. GoogleFeedback.apk - Google Feedback
      • Needs description.
    13. GooglePartnerSetup.apk
      • Needs description.
    14. GoogleServicesFramework.apk
      • Handles Google login.
    15. HiddenSdCard.apk
      • Needs description.
    16. LgHiddenMenu.apk
      • LG's Programming Menu.
    17. MediaProvider.apk
      • Needs description.
    18. MediaUploader.apk
      • Needs description.
    19. MLT.apk
      • Needs description.
    20. NetworkLocation.apk
      • Tower-based location info.
    21. PackageInstaller.apk
      • Handles App installs.
    22. Phonesky.apk
      • The Google Play Store. Can be removed, but you'll lose the ability to download and update apps.
    23. PrivInit.apk
      • Needs description.
    24. QComRPCPermissions.apk
      • Needs description. Has to do with QualComm.
    25. QualcommSettings.apk
      • QualComm Settings.
    26. SensorTestApp.apk
      • Tests the Proximity Sensor and Accelerometer.
    27. Settings.apk - System Settings
      • Phone Settings. Includes the Power Control widget.
    28. SettingsProvider.apk - Settings Provider
      • Needs description.
    29. SetupWizard.apk
      • Needs description.
    30. SprintExtension_signed.apk
      • Needs description.
    31. SprintHiddenMenu.apk
      • Needs description.
    32. SystemUI.apk
      • The phone's UI that is not covered by framework-res. Covers things such as, but not limited to, the icons for ADB and the SD card, the battery icon (both framework-res and SystemUI handle this, not sure why), and the status bar.
    33. TelephonyProvider.apk
      • Needs description.
    34. UserDictionaryProvider.apk - User Dictionary
      • Stores words you create in the phone's dictionary.
    35. com.sdcard.test
      • Tests the sdcard on startup.

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  2. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I've added a couple more descriptions to the list. If anyone has any more, please feel free to post them here!
    eskimojo likes this.
  3. eskimojo

    eskimojo Lurker

    Thanks so much for this list, was looking all over for a list like this.
    I've removed a whole bunch of apps that I shouldn't have removed and I was wondering why the play store wasn't working.

    Anyway, is there a way for me to individually install these components? Where can I get these apks individually?

    Thanks for your advice.

    After a little more searching found the following thread which might be helpful for other newbies in the same situation as me. This thread contains a link to download the system files:
    1nweltownr likes this.
  4. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flaki.systemcleaner
    this app is called system cleaner root, it would good with any stock apps you keep. It pushs you're updated bloat or even other custom updated system apps over to you're rom itself and wipes the dalvix cache while its at to help keep a clean internal memory. Really handy tool for stock bloat and whatever other custom bloat you make or install. It also backs up the original bloat apk but no need to clutter up you're sd card with outdated bloat or other apps. Its something to look into maybe install as a mandatory idk just a idea to check out.
    HaTrEd360 likes this.
  5. jcarpenter

    jcarpenter Lurker

    Required System Apps - Don't even think about removing these

    1. AccountAndSyncSettings.apk
      • Your Google account and sync settings are handled through this.

    I badly want to eliminate all references to google. Are there any work-arounds that will let me zap this?
  6. miediev

    miediev Android Enthusiast

    I don't think that you have to have a Google account to use your phone. If you are trying to get rid of Google you shouldn't be using a Google account anyway. I'd try just removing it and see what happens. Just make a nandroid backup first.
  7. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    One alternative is to download and configure DroidWall (I use it), and tell it to blacklist AccountAndSyncSettings from using either Wifi or 3G. Otherwise, try freezing, then later removing after a few days and a few reboots, it with Titanium Backup and see what happens. Post the results here, and if it's safe to remove then I'll go ahead and update the OP.
  8. jcarpenter

    jcarpenter Lurker

    Update: I picked up some older android phones.

    Starting with an HTC Droid Incredible, I bypassed the startup script, rooted, connected to the net via Wifi. Using alternative app depositories, I downloaded Rom Manager, an app installer and other goodies.

    I flashed Cyanogenmod 10 - but - *did not* reflash google apps. I signed up to a prepaid wireless service and put the phone to work. It does everything I want to do and the phone operates 100% normal. This phone is my "daily driver" this month.

    There are no google apps on this phone except for the google browser with was hardwired in CM 10. There is no google account associated with this phone. My next goal is to remove this google browser and substitute another search engine.

    More progress later ....

    I've started the process on a second phone. Different challenges. Looks like the app repository I used no longer carries ROM manager. I'll post an outline of the new process next week if there is any interest.
  9. cujo676

    cujo676 Newbie

    first can someone tell me the term to remove these apks? it used to be
    mount -o rw,remount /system
    rm -f /system/app/<apk name>.apk
    on the optimus v but is not allowing this on the elite?

    second does anyone know what com.locationlabs.v3client is?
  10. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    No, and no. Also, both of those are completely unnecessary :)

    You only need to use either Titanium Backup or Root Uninstaller to get rid of the bloat apps, or just switch to a different ROM other than stock - switching to any of the available ROMs for this phone by default is already more efficient and less bloated than the stock ROM anyway. And, uninstalling via those apps is probably the best way to go about things, and is much easier :)
  11. miediev

    miediev Android Enthusiast

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