guide to unroot?

Due to the fact I can't use my orange signal boost and am having no signal luck with modems how do I get back to the good old days?

I followed the rooting for dummies. Have syiah kernel, Checkrom v6 and a a different modem...

Its there a guide like the dummies guide?


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I've never used Orange Signal Boost, but I would be surprised if unrooting solves this problem. More likely you might have to go back to official Orange firmware. Flashing this (or any other official firmware) will automatically unroot your phone.

What modem(s) have you tried?


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Do I flash orange firmware with odin?


Never got a signal apart from up against the window. That's why I used the works wifi to get signal by calls and text going through that.... It only seems to work with orange official firmware.
Will flashing also reset my rom and modem back to original?


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Yes, odin.

Official carrier branded firmwares are on this thread
However, I'm not sure if the links are down due to the legal action in the US, but hopefully you will be ok.

Flashing the firmware will have whatever modem it had originally bundled into it.