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Guidelines - Read Me Updated 3:27 PM CST Mar 2, 2010

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Phases, Mar 2, 2010.

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    New threads (in this subforum) can be created by people with 25 posts or more, and premium members (coming soon). All can reply.

    Non-Android stuff please. To post an Android related item, use the main classifieds forum.When creating new threads, choose a prefix: WTB - Wanting to buy, For Sale or Trade.

    When finding something you're interested in, either reply or PM the poster. Poster is encouraged to make note on the thread when the offer/iso is no longer, even better - close it.

    (You can close the thread from within it, at the top - "Thread Tools", or from within the forum, where you see the list of threads, there should be a checkbox by yours, select, and use the dropdown at the bottom of the page to close it.)

    You're encouraged to talk as much as you can on the thread, but not be afraid to go in PMs when you feel you need to, this is perfectly fine. Again, just make note on the thread or close it when a deal is made or offer expires.

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    Edit: Make replies only if interested. Please no "pssh, you're asking way to much" etc. If you'd like to seriously offer less, that's fine of course - but keep all replies on topic, constructive toward a transaction.

    *disclaimer: All transactions/deals made in here are at your own risk, we hold no responsibility for deals gone sour!


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  2. not sure if this is the appropriate spot or forum to ask, but I was wondering if vendor posts are okay and where they should be directed.

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