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[Guild Wars 2]Lack of Combo Finishers

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by donmy521, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. donmy521

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    Jul 29, 2012

    Jul 29, 2012
    Q:Not sure if anyone else has really brought this up...but Necromancers seem to really be lacking combo finishers. According to the wiki they have just five finishers out of four categories. Their whirling finisher is an underwater spear skill, two blast finishers are pet skills, and they're the only class without a Leap finisher. Their projectile finisher, Necrotic Grasp, even has only a 20% chance. So; two pet skills, two staff skills, and one underwater skill. Other classes don't seem to be anywhere near as lacking and have much more variety.

    For comparison, Elementalist have nineteen combo finishers. They even have more combo fields...

    So I'm just curious, is this part of some kind of balance? Just sort of feels like the only part Necromancers will really be playing in the combo system is some Wells to start them if you go that route. Are they just not meant to play a big part in the combo system?

    A1:Necrotic Grasp should have 100% seeing how it's our only projectile.

    Signet that steals health could work as a Blast

    and even that we'd still have a very short list of combos.

    A2:During BWE3 I was playing mostly PvE using a staff and various combinations of pet and well skills, and ended up using the combo system quite a lot that way.[gw2 gold] Plenty of projectiles were flying around between the staff's autoattack and my bone fiend, and I was never at a loss for a combo field of some sort (poison from staff, light from Well of Blood, dark from utility wells). I experimented a little with the Putrid Explosion minions to be able to set off two blast finishers in rapid succession, which was pretty successful, albeit sometimes hard to set up positioning.

    It's not nearly as easy to use combo finishers as a necromancer as some other classes, absolutely. That's one of the trade-offs of playing the class, it's weaker in this specific area compared to other classes, in exchange for other strengths. They do have a lot of combo fields for what it's worth, which is valuable when there are other players to take advantage of them, but using those fields yourself is less effective.

    A3:Yeah, I feel that too. Projectiles need to be 20% chance because other classes have plenty of rapid fire, but necro one is really slow, should be 100%.

    I dont understant why the Flesh Golem charge is not a leap finisher, every charge out there is. Also I really feel bad for not having a whril, the awesome finisher. One way to implement it (I can dream) is to add a whril to the Shadow Fiend skill, wich is pretty lame. Teleport to target and spin doing damage and blinding foes.


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