Dec 6, 2009
Hey guys,

Wouldnt it be nice to see Gunbound on mobile devices like Android Phones ? they are made for communicate with the Internet and have good conditions to become a home of Gunbound!

please help to let Softnyx know about that and support this petition at :

Gunbound for Android - Petition Spot

Thank you !

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sure , more than one time, and now i think , this is the way to^^
didnt got any answers up to now
and i hope here are some ppl i share my addiction to gunbound with !:D

they have so many "Pro's" to work with Android!

--- Patch/updating is possible
--- open source make the developement easy
--- it will become public by itself in the market
--- hacking can reduced using same system like in Cestos!(account will be online when the phone is online!dont know much about it or how it works!)
--- they can make money with paid avatar through it too
--- they can use better stable structured server

thank you , its a round based tank game and comes close with the system!

but its not online and it has really bad performance for me .
and the most important thing is missing "the real gunbound feeling":D

sorry not for me^^
thank you ^^:D
games with great graphics were released now,,gunbound dont need so much performance as for example ExZeus,Zenonia or Armageddon Squadron^^
Cool 101Signatures ;-)

look at this :

YouTube - Gunbound for Android Petition