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Gutted, lack of Desires

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dudditz, May 31, 2010.

  1. Dudditz

    Dudditz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Just been into my local T-Mobile store to check if they will have the Handsets in come Friday, when I am due my upgrade.

    Was advised they won't be getting them in stock until the end of the next week which isn't too bad, except as demand is high stock will likely be kept for new customers :mad:

    Called up T-Mobile and they said they have a big backlog and it could be a month before I get the handset :mad:

    Checked with another couple of providers in the shops in town and they are out of stock too and don't know when they will be back in.

    Really not wanting to wait a month on this...

    Seems this is a popular handset...

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  2. TheTrueSpin

    TheTrueSpin Android Enthusiast

    Had same problem. I live in London and you couldn't buy one of these for love or money. Went down to Brighton at the weekend and Carphone Warehouse had 17 in stock :D
  3. trick202

    trick202 Android Expert

    Yeah, just buy it through CPW - it'll be unlocked too!
  4. bobbyd68

    bobbyd68 Newbie

    can you not move to vodafone mate??had plenty in stock when i did the online upgrade.
  5. trick202

    trick202 Android Expert

    Haven't they just announced really crappy data policies?
  6. Dudditz

    Dudditz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yeah they have, would not go with them for that reason.
  7. ifb-online

    ifb-online Android Enthusiast

    I've had mine for ten days now - bought from mobiles.co.uk, which is part of Car Phone Warehouse, ordered one day and received it the next - they were practically the only ones who had stock, and you get an unlocked phone too. The T-Mobile deal is by far the best for a smartphone that needs mobile internet.

  8. Dudditz

    Dudditz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Am I right in thinking that I can upgrade my contract through the CPW even though I never took it out through them?

    So I can stick with T-Mob on the same number etc but do it through the CPW?

    If so might give them a call tomorrow and see if they will have any in stock...
  9. Desire D

    Desire D Well-Known Member

    I bought mine from a Virgin high street store due to low stock levels, it's (very lightly) branded but unlocked (02 sim card works fine in it), unlimited minutes, text, internet
  10. Dudditz

    Dudditz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    unlimited minutes, texts and net??
  11. Niir

    Niir Well-Known Member

    depends on the nfair usage terms on the internet as to whether its good or not tbh
  12. azz

    azz Well-Known Member

    Hi mate yea you can upgrade on t mobile through carphone warehouse . And all carphone warehouse have them in stock and gsm unbranded and unlocked . I work in carphone warehouse :)
    Dudditz likes this.
  13. mat

    mat Member

    Yep Carphone Warehouse is the place to go, got 1 today no hassle :).
  14. Dudditz

    Dudditz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey azz, cheers for that, will check it out on Friday.

    Might get my Desire sooner than expected :D
  15. Bully74uk

    Bully74uk Well-Known Member

    What's these crappy data policies you mention mate ?

    I'm on Vodafone with a Blackberry and am looking to upgrade to the desire on 25th June.

    When I looked on the Vodafone website yesterday the data package was as its been for weeks. It states on the price plan that its 500mb a month however when you click for a detailed breakdown of the tariff it states unlimited mobile internet.

    I've read somewhere that the 500mb is quoted for fair usage reasons and that people haven't been charged when they have gone over the 500mb.

    Do you have other information because I don't want to upgrade and then be limited with data ?

    My current plan has unlimited internet so I'm going to tell them I want exactly the same deal with the upgrade, hopefully they will accommodate me !!!!
  16. Dudditz

    Dudditz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Bully check here, the Bitterwallet have written a couple of open letters to Vodafone regarding the data plans and as far as I remember it's no longer a fair usage policy but an over limit charge.... (does that make sense? Probably not but it explains it all the the various articles). Read through, all the details are on there on various posts, including the letters and Vodafones replies.

    Worth mentioning though that the Desire will get 1Gb usage policy for net use.

    I just wouldn't go with Voda because, well, I just don't like them...
    Bully74uk likes this.
  17. ifb-online

    ifb-online Android Enthusiast

    With T-Mobile you get at the very least 1gb and you should get 3gb (standard for Android phones direct from T-Mobile) and you won't be charged for exceeding your quota.


  18. Dudditz

    Dudditz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    ifb, your right, when I called up t-mob about the Desire the guy told me the FUP is 3gb.
  19. Bully74uk

    Bully74uk Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dudditz

    Ive checked out the site you linked to and all in all its a little confusing !

    This is the link to the vodafone plan im considering for my upgrade:

    600 Minutes + Unlimited Texts for
  20. azz

    azz Well-Known Member

    If you guys want a brilliant feal get this, this is what I got. 300 mins,unlimited txt and unlimited net 500mb. 25 quid a month on 18 month conttact on Orange, I will give more info if ppl are interested .
  21. ziotree

    ziotree Lurker

    if any of you guys are desperate for a desire i am selling my "black" desire for
  22. Jammy

    Jammy Android Expert

    Not bad, I'll be getting 100 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited data and a Desire for
  23. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Well-Known Member

    I'm on roughly same - T-mobile from mobilephonesdirect.co.uk.
  24. jabtas

    jabtas Well-Known Member

    I just quoted the best deal I could find on the web to T-Mobile's closure department and they matched immediately
    Unlimited texts
    Unlimited internet (possibly 3gig cap, or maybe 10)
    25 notes a month

    Never had any in stock so just went to local store and picked it up over the counter.
  25. Niir

    Niir Well-Known Member

    the t-mobile android fair usage is 3gig and a higher speed than regular unlimited net, also if you go over you only get slower speeds no extra charges.

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