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Crow's adventure now avaible on Google play.
Fly as far as you can , avoid traps , feed to continue ,challenge your friends over facebook.

Crows Simple gameplay;
- tab to flap Crows wings,
- hold to dive Crows , you can dive to food or run from enemies,
- collect food, Crow getting extremely hungry when its fly too far.

Crows Features;

- 2d flying physics,
- Share your score and challenge with your friends.
- Leaderboard,
- Achievements.

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Thank you for downloading game.

You can click "Reborn" button when you died and you have connection to internet, than a video shows up, after you watch the video to the end, you will restart with your last score.( For example if you died with a score 500, than you click video and watched video to the end, it automaticly starts a new game with score 500)

Thank You,

GuYa Games.


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You can use it only once per game. You should restart the game if you want use it again. And pls check your internet connection. Reborn button dont show up if there is no internet.
Thank you.


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Major Update

***New Features***
- Crow skill group added:
Now your crow has skills. Speed,Strength,Reflex ; These stats can be improved by getting skill point with your experience.
- Facebook Button:
With this button you can share your score on Facebook.

- GamePlay tunning,
- Now Reborn button can be used by 60 mins.
- Game graphics enhancement : now enemies and foods can seen better.
- How to play menu added.
- Ads reduced.
- Performance improvements.

For more information and screen shoots:

GooglePlay :
Facebook :


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This is a simple ball game, with a different game play consept.
Simply you are trying to drop sad smiley's to the cone.
  • Entertaining gameplay, use your device accelerometer to play.​
  • 100 Levels to play, you can improve your completed level stats.​
  • Check your progress via Leaderboard and Achievements.​
  • Includes multiple languages (English, Turkish, Russian,German,Spanish,Chinese,Portuguese,French)​
  • Invite your friends from Facebook and win lives to play more.​
  • No In-App-Purchases. All content is free.​

Facebook Page

Access Requirements & Reasons;
  • External Storage : We use external storage for low built in storage capable devices,​
  • Network Connection : Some features of game(leaderboard,achievements) requires network connection.​


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Smiley Balls Update;

* You will not prompt for sign in unless you click to achivements and leaderboard.
* Level design is improved trough reviews.
* Some ads are removed.
* Problem for x86 devices are solved.
* Tutorial for first time players.



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This is a simple drop down structure building game, with a different game play consept.Simply you are trying to drag-drop logs to build tallest structure.

Falling Log Features;
  • Entertaining gameplay, one touch play.
  • Endless game.
  • Check your progress via leaderboard.
  • No In-App-Purchases. All content is free.


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Falling box is a very addictive drop-down endless tower building game.
Simply drap-drop box es to your screen and build the highest crate structure.
Stability is your main focus in this game.
-if a box falls you fall
-if a box crushed you fall,
-if you fall you fall,
Falling Box has an online leaderboard,
You can zoom out and try a better box structure.

Facebook Page


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CROW *new update

Crow is a very addictive endless flyer game.
Simply tap to fly, hold tap to slow down.
Physics is your main focus in this game.
Go far as you can and join the leaderboard.

Play as many as you can, to unlock achievements.


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Drag Racing : Pro Clutch
Drag Racing : Pro Clutch offers one on one drag racing with single player , online multiplayer and local lan game modes.
Players will have same car configuration ( you can customize your car appearance ) , manual transmission with clutch pedal(not optional) , so the challenge is: who is better in drag racing!