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Guys, Whats the Easiest Andriod Phone To get To Talk For free??

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by 80sbaby, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. 80sbaby

    80sbaby Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys,
    ive been doin some research, and i want to get a android phone right away!

    I am wondering though if you guys can sum up everything for me in a nutshell!

    Whats the easiest android phone to get rooted and allow me to talk over the internet for free and never pay a cell phone bill again.

    Im looking to buy it prepaid, and then do something like how the G1 can do.

    Im looking to dial out over internet and recieve calls over wifi as well. what phones will be easiest to set this up and do this?? is this process called tethering??
    Also what are the cheapest solutions. thanks.

    is this true? or is tthere something similar to this???

    o and also, whats the cheapest options i have available. for the cheapest google android phone to do this???

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  2. Spykez

    Spykez Member

    well to call on a networks line and never pay a bill? won't happen, ever.

    However if you get a phone that has gingerbread they have wifi calling standard on it, then theres a wifi texting app you can get as well so that would be one route for ya if you're always around wireless networks.
  3. 80sbaby

    80sbaby Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ok, i know this. im not looking to call on a network line. I'm looking to dial out over internet wifi.

    Also, what phone are the best and easiest to get this to happen and cheapest???
  4. Spykez

    Spykez Member

    Well here's the issue. For standard wifi calling on gingerbread you'd need a phone that either comes with it (which I think the nexus is the only one that has it stock) or a phone with custom roms built for it.

    Now the problem with gingerbread 2.3 is they apparently aren't going to push it out now due to 2.4 coming out so early and being better, which they are calling 2.4 gingerbread as well.

    Theres other free options you can use like Fring/vbuzzer but that requires other people to have that software, much like skype calling.
  5. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Android Expert

    If you are talking about VOIP, you essentially should be able to do this on anything 2.1 (might be 2.2) or later. Essentially everything on the market right now should have you covered. You shouldn't need to do anything special, at all to it.
  6. 80sbaby

    80sbaby Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ok wut is gingerbread. ???
    all im trying to do, is use a 3g connection or wifi to pick up internet on phone.
    Then i have a program that will allow me to make calls through the internet for free.
    how can i do this??>? google voice phone number too.
  7. 80sbaby

    80sbaby Lurker
    Thread Starter

    oooooooooooo ok
    so ur rreffering to a android platform...
    sort of like how microsoft has windows xp and longhorn right??
    and version number of that platform, u say i should have 2.3 or 2.4.
    well i know its possible to do on the g1, so whatever version that has its possible.
    So now that i understand gingerbread, can i ask u a question?

    ok so heres my question. Go to whispersys.com ,
    Wut kind of phone would i need to best suite this program???
  8. Gnomad

    Gnomad Well-Known Member

    I think you need to expand your research some more. No offense but it seems that you don't quite grasp the technology involved here. You say that you never want to pay a cell phone bill again, but then say that you just want to use a 3g or wifi connection to pick up internet on phone. The only way to get 3g is to pay for it. At any rate here is a guide to help you.

    Edit: Just noticed this guide in the Applications forum.

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