GV integration as default SMS for galaxy sch-10?


My first post on here so bare with me. Google voice is what i use as my main sms on my tablet. I am constantly putting my customers phone numbers on my calander so i can call or text a service reminder to them, and when ever i click the phone number, it asks if i want to add to contacts?

I want to send a text sms message to that number using my GV app on my tablet.

how do i integrate the GV to default so when ever a phone number is clicked on i am asked the option of sending a sms to that number? If i want to add it to contacts i would add to contacts thru my droid x2 which syncs to all my devices, i justwant a fast way to text to any phone number link using my GV.

I find myself having to copy and paste the number into GV and its a pain.

someone please help make my life and a few other sch-10 owners happy! Thanks in advance!