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GV Secure [APP]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by cybernetx, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Feb 16, 2013

    Feb 16, 2013
    Cybernetx Systems LLC announces the launch of its new secure messaging solution.

    “GV Secure”provides efficient and effective secure communications for individuals who are concerned with their privacy.

    Customers utilizing “GV Secure” Mobile Application now have the ability to protect their text messages, pictures and videos with complete security and confidence, knowing that private conversations will not be compromised from prying eyes.

    In order to use Cybernetx Systems LLC “GV Secure” Mobile Application both parties need to have the application to encrypt and decrypt text messages, videos and pictures.

    Features of GV Secure

    • Free SMS using Google Voice allowing 150 SMS (text) messages a day.
    • Free 2 gig of Dropbox Cloud space to be used as your MMS to upload HD videos and high resolutions pictures to the cloud and share the links to anyone.
    • Make Free outgoing calls by using your Google Voice number using the call back feature. The call back feature allows you to select a call back number that was added to Google Voice .
    • If privacy is a concern you can encrypt your pictures and video before uploading to the cloud feature. Also, you can delete the file on the cloud making the shared link useless.
    • For extra privacy we have two different encryption algorithms: one for text messages and one for pictures and videos.
    • If your phone is ever lost or stolen our security feature allows you to view the decrypted message for a limited time then automatically re-encrypts the message.
    • This application uses your Google Voice login credentials, which contains your Google Voice number so your phone is not tied to a single number, can use multiple Google Voice numbers.
    • Works on all Android Phones and WI-FI/3G/4GAndroid Tablets using Android version 2.2 and higher.
    Why you would need this product

    • Save up to $60 per year by getting rid of your service provider SMS/MMS plan.
    • No service provider record of the conversation
    • All messages are not stored on the phone
    • Prevent invasion of privacy
    • Share personal information securely
    • Shared files can be deleted showing no record of existence
    • Larger size limit on pictures and video than what is provided on Mobile phone service provider Multimedia Service(MMS) feature.
    Some examples of how to use this product

    • Personal informational exchanges that can include: bank pin numbers, combination to safe, home security code are just a few examples that you don’t want a third party to get a hold of.
    • Encrypted snapshots of proprietary business information that may or may not be exchanged.
    • Encrypted multimedia used for personal and business purposes.
    Paid App $2.00 only for US and Canda.



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