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H+ in UK

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hits98, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. hits98

    hits98 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have noticed today that i am getting H+ instead of the normal 3g or H signal, I thought H+ was some superfast 4g connection that wasn't coming to the UK for ages. I am on three and live in the Maidstone area.

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  2. Blakers

    Blakers Lurker

    I'm not an expert, but as far as I can remember H+ is an hsdpa connection. Its supposedly a bit faster than 3g.

    I think 4g is different, you need a different aerial for it (an LTE aerial) and it supports some really fast data speeds.... and is currently not in the UK.
    Someone will probably be able to correct me on this if its wrong but thats the situation as i remember it.
  3. heshanj

    heshanj Android Expert

    as far as i know, H+ is HSPA+, and thats a 4G technology.. just H (no +) is HSDPA and its a bit faster than 3G.. but i too am not very sure about this so someone could correct me too :D
  4. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    I was under the impression that H+ is faster than H but is not 4G. I have heard of some people getting H+ in some areas of the UK.
  5. Ih4teKies

    Ih4teKies Member

    H+ is just 3.5G not 4G
    Sorry but hate to admit it but U.K everything is slow...so slow. We don't like change but that's gotta change lookin at what's been happening for the last 31 days!!!
  6. ziggyball

    ziggyball Newbie

    I noticed this too, when going through slough on the train yesterday...
    I think Three are rolling out H+ network as they've started selling an H+ dongle...
    Hopefully phones will see the benefit too and there is no caps/shaping put in place...
    HSPDA+ is not 4G but some AT&T in USA is calling it 4G anyway!

    To be honest, reliable 1Mb speed would be fanstastic and more than adaquate at the moment, rather than patchy 'up to' 21Mb...
  7. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    Thats good news I'm on 3 but im pretty sure they traffic shape?
  8. heshanj

    heshanj Android Expert

    ah thats wat i read then. apologies for any misinformation :D so if thats the case, 4G isnt really available, is it?
  9. Antakar

    Antakar Member

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  10. planetf1

    planetf1 Newbie

    WHen I travelled to a few UK ports/local areas on a recent cruise I seemed to get HSPA+ pretty much everywhere.

    In the UK I've had it near the port or gym (forget which) in southampton, but most areas are hspa only

    I'm on voda
  11. I live in Essex and am also on three and would say that I am on H+ more than I'm on 3g throughout the day.
  12. MJC UK

    MJC UK Member

    Im on Orange in West Yorks, and barely get 3G+ :(
  13. carajp

    carajp Member

    I'm in the centre of Milton Keynes, a fairly large urban area now ....and yet, snap. Around 25% of the time I'm on 2g
  14. Leevis

    Leevis Well-Known Member

    I get H+ loads here in London :)
  15. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    H+ is supposed to support up to 21MBps so I wouldn't call that slow.
  16. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    My H+ is just the same speed as H.
  17. Riche101

    Riche101 Android Enthusiast

    I get H+ briefly in Manchester with T mobile
  18. MJC UK

    MJC UK Member

    Thats faster than my home broadband : -/
  19. smileman

    smileman Well-Known Member

  20. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    Does your modem/phone actually support H+?

    I had a Huawei E585 but I recently upgraded it to the E586 which supports H+ unlike the E585. As far as I know (but I'll freely admit I don't know very far on this) the SGS2 doesn't support H+.
  21. jspx1

    jspx1 Newbie

    The Galaxy S2 does support H+. I have a Huawei E367 which also supports H+ and in the 3connect software it does actually says H+ although I've not been able to get H+ on the GS2 yet. I think it's a software & network roll out issue, I use the dongle in a TP-Link 3g router too and it only gets recognised as 3g on the router although the speeds are usually pretty good in the 5-7 mb download speed bracket (sometimes 9-11) and 1.6 mb up (sometimes 4-5 mb up).
    3 are working to upgrade their network to H+, it looks like the 3connect software is ready for H+ but the towers in my area haven't been fully upgraded yet, I think the software is recognising H+ but the speed on the local network hasn't been turned up yet, although I believe the upgrade should be complete by spring 2012.
  22. mecanician

    mecanician Newbie

    Both me and my wife got H+ in Cowes on the Isle of wight this afternoon
    I have a SGS2 (tmobile) and my wife has a Desire (3 network)
    Unfortunately We live in Newport and are lucky if I get 3g!!
  23. matttye

    matttye Android Expert

    Not even the LTE/Wimax networks in the US meet the 4G spec at the moment, but they are generally regarded as 4G networks.

    HSPA = 3.5g, HSPA+ = 3.75g. Some people think of HSPA+ as 4G because in real world use, they get similar speeds from both the HSPA+ networks and the LTE/Wimax networks.

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