Apps h264 rtsp streaming problems on android


Dec 4, 2009
I am currently involved with developing a streaming media player for
android. For testing purpose I have HTC HERO , HTC G1, and Motorola Droid.

I could stream audio and video both for only HERO.

Audio >> AAC
Video >> h.264

On G1 and Droid i get this error "Player Engine AO did a leave , error
= 101 ", surprisingly this comes as soon as DESCRIBE response is sent
to the client !. Prepare fails for the MediaPlayer.

should it imply that ( on droid and G1 )Video type H264 is not
supported for streaming ? (rtsp ).

firmware details.

HERO >> 1.5
G1 >> 1.6
droid >> 2.0

rtsp streaming for only aac works fine on all the devices.

When the same file is played locally on the phone everything works fine. I am using Darwin streaming server to stream the mp4 file using rtsp.

Any links to player error details would be grateful.

Ravinder Chouhan

I can stream h.264 w AAC files via rtsp to my droid, g1 and my touch. I will tell you that from time to time, I get a file that just won't play. In fact, it force closes my application. It is maddening, because I can't figure it out. But it does work most of the time.
Hi ya,
im new to currently working in streaming audios via it enough if we give the rtsp url and pass it to the datasource?
did u get this to work? I am stuck in a similar issue. My client is sending me live stream ip camera feed in the form of h.264 and am not able to view it in my phone having 2.2 Os. Since it is a continuous stream and not a file, i am not able to view. It works well in VLC player.