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Habitual OS switcher, back to Android

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bridgeyR, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. bridgeyR

    bridgeyR Lurker
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    I constantly switch between Apple and Android, much to my husband's dislike. My last Android was the Galaxy S5 which I returned before my 14 days were up because I thought the camera was absolutely terrible. I just switched from an iPhone 5S to the Turbo 2. This is my first Motorola phone, and so far I'm pretty happy with it.

    I played with it today until it died on the factory charge, and I'm now letting it charge to 100% before I turn it back on. I am hoping to see the excellent battery life that it boasts, but we will see. It lasted about 7.5 hours on a 50% charge.

    What apps do I "need", and any fun tips or tricks out there?

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  2. Welcome to Android Forums. My recommendations ...

    Android apps for your protection - should be your first install
    Android Device Manager – free – remotely track your phone if lost or stolen – remote Factory Data Reset
    Android Device Manager (Android) – enable capability on device
    Android Device Manager (Website) – control device from website
    Cerberus – paid – remotely track your phone if lost or stolen – remote Factory Data Reset – remote take picture
    Cerberus (Android) – enable capability on device
    Cerberus (Website) – control device from website

    Android apps I recommend to everyone
    3C Toolbox – collections of Android tools
    3C Toolbox – free version
    3C Toolbox Pro – enhanced paid version
    A+ Gallery Phots & Videos – organizer for photos and videos
    Boat Browser – internet browser
    chompSMS – best messaging capability
    CallX – automatic call recorder (not for Verizon advanced calling)
    Hybrid Stopwatch Timer – complete stopwatch and timer facility
    Nova Launcher – replace vendor launcher
    Nova Launcher Prime - launcher
    TeslaUnread (Nova) – display counts on icons needing action
    Pixel Phone Pro – phone/contacts finally done right
    Power Amp – professional music player/equalizer
    Poweranp Music Player (Trial) – trial version
    Poweramp Full Version Unlocker – unlock paid
    RealCalc customizable calculator – RPN option and bin/oct/dec/hex options
    RealCalc – free version
    RealCalc Plus – paid version
    Reverse Lookup – look-up information about caller from their phone number
    SD Maid – remove junk from SD cards
    SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool – free version
    SD Maid Pro - Unlocker – unlock paid
    Smart Tools – collection of very interesting measurement tools
    SwiftKey Keyboard – keyboard replacement … it predicts what you are going to type
    Tasker – complete automation facility
    Tasker – completer scripting
    Tasker App Factory – convert Tasker script to .APK file
    Textra SMS – messaging
    VoiceX – voice Recorder – Dictaphone
    X-plore File Manager – manipulate device and cloud folders and files

    Android apps report false results and send your personal data to facility in China– do not install
    AnTuTu Benchmark – compare your device to other devices – AuTuTu Tools
    Clean Master – optimizer, speed booster. and anti-virus – Cheetah Mobile
    File Manager – manipulate device and cloud folders and files – Cheetah Mobile
    File Manager HD – manipulate device and cloud folders and files – Cheetah Mobile
    QuickPic Gallery – photo gallery – Cheetah Mobile

    Android apps send your personal cloud usernames/passwords to facility in China – do not use on cloud storage
    ES File Explorer File Manager – manipulate device and cloud folders and files – ES Global
    ES File Explorer/Manager Pro – manipulate device and cloud folders and files – ES Global

    ... Thom
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  3. bridgeyR

    bridgeyR Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Wow! That's an extensive list. I appreciate it, and I will work on getting that all set up. If I have any questions, can I reach out?
  4. I suggest you get the lost/stolen app of your choice installed. The others you can add over time as you see fit. Some you will want and others you won't.

    You will need a file explorer ... X-plore is very good ... I find the user interface to be a little jarring.

    ... Thom
  5. psionandy

    psionandy Extreme Android User

    Good list... Not sure I'd ever need all of them... but a fantastic list to use to look at options
  6. AO951

    AO951 Newbie

    Specific to the Droid Turbo 2 (well, many of the new Motorola phones) if you have not done it yet you will want to go to the Moto app (circle with rainbow pattern) and set up your voice command, maybe turn on the flashlight and other motion things (I think only the camera flip comes already set to on)

    Sorry if you already know this, but the voice response lets you set ANY phrase you want and then when you say that buy the phone you can have any number of commands without having to actually touch the phone. Like Siri or Google Now but only you don't have to touch anything 1st

    play around the Moto app, it is part of what makes the Motorola phones kind of sweet
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