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Hacked, and I know this sounds crazy

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by williamtjacobs5, May 27, 2019.

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    But when I chat with Verizon on my phone, or even call them, it's not really them. My ex boyfriend, as it turns out, and unbeknownst to me while we were together, is quite the hacker. It makes sense, his parents owned and then sold a software company they built for 17 million dolars about 10 years ago, and he was babysat by being thrown i front of a computer. He used to get paid fr playing World of Warcraft, he was so good, but then the not so nice breakup and I am really suffering. He was arrested in Florida for drug possession and he blames me, and has been trying to get even ever since. Hes stole my iPhone and knew the password. I had bought a note 9 right before that, and was planning to take it back and get my iphone activated again. He manages to get access to the note 9 and had it for hours whie I thought someone else had stolen it, steals my iphone and said he sold it but I think he kept it, and broke the screen (front and back) on my note 9 so i could not take it back. At first it was just someone getting into my google account and deleting pics and vids and changing settings, then it evolved to me trying to pay traffic tickets by phone, changing car insurance policies by phone, and calling verizon a million times for help, and it turns out, noone of these people had ever heard from me. Who was I speaking to? Most recently, my note 9 went missing, and I ordered a new one from asurion. The one they send has the IMEI and serial numbers blocked off the back of the phone. When I called to explain, the rep was so rude that it could not have been a real rep. Then a man called me saying he was from verizon and I caught him telling two lies and then some random woman calls. They are not real verizon and asurion reps. Who are these people? Then the other day, I get pulled over and the officer sees a bong in the car that is not mine. I might be facing criminal charges for that. Tongiht, I noticed there are gouge marks on the passenger side door where someone was able to pry the door to my car open and likely got in. I have n idea when that could have happened though. I feel like I'm going insane. Can anyone offer any advice or has ever heard of something like this happening? My mom believes me because she heard the verizon people and I think they have compromised her phone too, but what I thought was just a pissed off ex, now seems to be a group of organized hackers. Did he sell my information to someone thats trying to steal my identity? I sound nuts, and no one belives me, except for my poor mom, who is now probably hacked too.

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    i concur. i would also take the phone is as evidence. if it is hacked, the police or even your carrier should be able to find out. the carrier might even give you a new phone. but i would definitely seek some professional help on this one.

    good luck
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    Happened to me about a year ago These were hackers from Sint Marteen in U. S. Caribbean. Pretended to be new money manager with VA for my brother. Called number they left on message. Disconnected when I called. Googled number came up with all bad stuff. Gypsies, tramps & thieves. Nigerian & Russian mainly. I then got call from VA help #. It's programmed in my contacts. Guy wanted his bank acct # & all the other shit. I made him meet me at VA Hospital. He actually showed. 😱. I made him take me to who placed him in charge. He excused himself went to rest room & skated. I turned to Facebook because my sister had been talking on messenger using the word fudiciary (they used same word next day). Facebook closed my account.... No not for the hacking. I was kicked off for using my maiden name not married name on drivers license. I was impersonating someone else. Married me. Can't make it up. And can't get acct deleted.
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    Yes, and quickly.
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  6. Verizon has been the most unsuccessful at offering the 'security' they advertise/ charge for. I went thru 5 phones in 4 months only to Still be told that the monitoring software on my phone is Normal and nothing to worry about. Ha.
    I was hacked so badly I lost my gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and Verizon accounts. Changed my# thinking it might thwart the situation. Thankfully I knew to try& call the old number I had to regain verification codes to everything and it has been restored. But to this day there is software on this phone (ComSec) that cannot be uninstalled or even answered for if I call Verizon.
    I pay Alot for this service but this service provider has not been able to make me feel secure. I mean who would with apps like second phone, or ImS logger, keystrings, Kestrel Monitoring software....etc. And all this Knowing it's a breech in Verizon's system because my ex boyfriend/IT guy had no way to touch my phone.

    I think the company is Very much aware of this but whistle blowers only get Soooo far I guess. Time to drop them and not feed a company that cannot secure my information.
  7. And no, you Do Not sound crazy 😊

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