Help hacked free apps?

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I found a cool app called space physics. I want the full version but dont want to pay three bucks. anyone know how to get these apps for free or am I out to lunch?



I like free stuff too- but if we want to encourage folks to continue to develop more & more sophisticated apps (esp ad-free ones) - sometimes we need to bite the bullet and pay a buck, or 2, or 3 :)


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Just buy it its only a few quid/bucks and its encorages more dev's to make better apps/games for droid if we all get the freebies that people seems to throw around then noone will want to make anything new!!!
Saying that I would love to see more devs offer a trail/demo of there apps as I have bought a few that just don't work or are not what I expected lol


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the thing is that if you install a 3rd party app/.apk (ie not from store) you will never get any updates for it so in the long run its worth the 3 bucks for the update support.. but i agree with comment above every app/game should have a trial/demo version preferably the full version set to a timer like pc/mac apps ie valid for 48hrs sort of thing..


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Hmmm $3, are you a tight wad or what!!! Did I miss the whole idea of android being open source and giving developers a chance at bring out some good apps for us users. And if they bring out an app and want to charge a small amount for it... less than a pint in most British pubs, well I think its really rather a poor show that you aren't willing to pay.


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Odd indeed...

how many people on this thread have downloaded an MP3 track or maybe even an album without paying?

Yet the yet the idea of a pirated app is not the done thing? LOL

But I'm the same hypocrite as I came on here to say just pay the 3 bucks no matter what currency you use it really is not that much. I have now brought 3 apps from the market and the only reason I have paid is that I downloaded a light or trial version and loved the app or found it very useful so thought the developers should get my couple of


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They are in my local video shop... Well the ex rental ones are and thats the ones I buy, the same price as a pirate film but with 5.1 surround for my home system :)


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just don't hve a credit card: p

There is more than one way to skin a cat. :D

The Android Market uses Google Checkout to make purchases. This is quoted from the Google Checkout information:
Payment Methods

You can make purchases through Google Checkout using a credit, debit, or gift card with the following logos:
American Express*
Visa Electron**

Additionally, T-Mobile customers in the U.S. can purchase applications from the Android Market using direct carrier billing.

The types of cards accepted through Google Checkout are based on the seller's location. Other types of payments, such as checks, money orders, and direct bank account debit, aren't currently accepted.
* Accepted only in the United States
** Accepted outside of the United States

If none of that works for you, then you may wish to try contacting the developer and asking about paying with Paypal.

As others have said, pirated apps do not help Android, Developers or the quality of games/software. They are also against the rules of the forums.
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